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Water Industry Standard (Water-Use) equipment

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    Vac-Con - Industrial Vacuum Trucks & Loaders

    In today's cleaning industry, an industrial vacuuming truck serves a range of purposes, including: Sanitizing sewers by sucking out all the dislodged debris through water pressure or vacuuming. Cleaning storm drains. Cleaning catch basins and containment pits. Help with hydro excavation.

    By Vac-Con, Inc. based in Green Cove Springs, FLORIDA (USA). from Industrial Vacuuming Product line

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    Myron L - Model PoolMeter™ 512T5D - Simple Compact Instrument

    The Myron L Pool Meter is designed specifically for the Pool and SPA Industry with “DUAL” Ranges. Scaled in both ranges: 0-5000 ppm of TDS (442), 0-5000 ppm of NaCl.

    By Myron L Company based in Carlsbad, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Portable Water Testing Instruments Product line

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    Tekran - Model 2505 - Mercury Vapor Primary Calibration Unit

    The Tekran Model 2505 Mercury Vapor Calibration Unit is an ultra-precise and accurate closed-vessel, saturated gaseous mercury source. The 2505 utilizes a thermoelectrically cooled mercury reservoir and dual temperature sensors calibrated against a US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable source producing exceptionally ...

    By Tekran Instruments Corporation based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Industrial Product line

  • Model Standard Series - Ball Valves

    Cepex offers a complete range of ball valves in PVC-U, PVC-C AND PP-H (both manual and automatic), featuring the “Antiblock” system which prevents ball jamming. Valves are 100% hydro tested prior to leaving the factory, and their reliability is further guaranteed by the world’s premier certification institutes. Ball valves are ...

    By Cepex based in polinyá (Barcelona), SPAIN. from Water Products Product line

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    ADVANCEES - Model SO - Industrial Softeners

    The Industrial Softeners is a manually or automatic operated ion exchange unit designed specially for industrial use. It is simple to operate, inexpensive to maintain and is widely used in the industry. The softener comprises Steel /FRP pressure vessels containing a bed of cation exchange resin, a regenerating system and control valves.

    By Advanced Equipment and Services based in Hollywood, FLORIDA (USA). from SO - SOFTNERS Product line

  • Meistream Standard Pulser Register

    Measurement of low flow rates: Increased cost effectiveness. Removable measuring insert:. Retrofittability and replaceability . guaranteed. One measuring insert for various bodies: Lower storage costs.

    By GWF MessSysteme AG based in Lucerne, SWITZERLAND. from Water - Commercial & Industrial Water Meters Product line

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    Stormer - Model S3000 - Pipe Crawler

    The STORMER S3000 Pipe Crawler is a portable all-in-one device for inspecting pipelines with diameters from 150 to 1000 mm (5.9'-40'). It is manufactured in England and features dependable, sturdy, highly adjustable design offering users ultimate inspection experience and true portability. As of today, it is one of the most sophisticated and ...

    By Medit Inc. based in Winnipeg, MANITOBA (CANADA). from Industrial Division Product line

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    Model EST - Scrubbers and Industrial Products

    De Nora Water Technologies offers a variety of EST eductor venturi products and ejectors as well as other process equipment. We supply individual eductor components as well as completely engineered packages incorporating pumps, valves, ejectors, piping and instrumentation. Our product offerings are available in a wide range of materials.

  • HydroFLOW - Model i Range - Electronic Water Conditioner

    The Hydroflow Industrial I Range is designed for challenging applications in industrial environments. It provides a range of water treatment benefits, including limescale protection, flocculation and biofouling control. In addition to being much more powerful than the standard commercial units, the Industrial range is fully enclosed to IP68 ...

    By HydroFlow Canada Inc. based in Burlington, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Industrial Product line

  • General Industries - Chemical Tanks

    Chemical and water storage tanks are another General Industries specialty. Steel chemical tanks for storing methanol, sodium hydroxide and sulfuric acid are common for waste water treatment operations. Steel tanks for potable and non potable water storage can be above ground or underground design. Chemical and water tanks are fabricated following ...

    By General Industries, Inc. based in Goldsboro, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Methanol Storage Tanks Product line

  • Centurion - Model 1500 - Water Purification Systems

    Centurion 1500 is an innovative, high quality water purification solution for the promotion and easy management of self-care at home as well as more traditional in-centre treatments. Our single patient unit is simple to use and has the capability of obtaining optimum microbiological performance as well as the prescriptive water quality which is ...

    By SUEZ Water UK | Purite Ltd. based in Thame, UNITED KINGDOM. from Industrial Product line

  • Industrial Steam - Model Tray Type - Pressurized Deaerator

    COUNTER FLOW TRAY design deaerator provides guaranteed removal of all dissolved oxygen in excess of .005 cc/liter from 5% to 100% of deaerator capacity. ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENTATION FOR MODULATING DEAERATOR LEVEL control includes a HART compatible differential pressure transmitter, PID controller, and motorized control valve. MULTIPLE DEAERATOR ...

    By Industrial Steam based in Atlantic, IOWA (USA). from Pressurized Deaerators Product line

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    MicroSentry - Model SCB Series - Carbon Block Filter Cartridges

    Activated Carbon Block Filter for Reducing Chlorine and Organic Chemicals. Sintered carbon filter performs dual function role as activated carbon filter and 5 micron nominal sediment filter. Acid washed carbon provides high adsorptive capacity and efficiency for reducing chlorine taste and odors and organic chemicals. No Release of Carbon Fines. ...

    By Shelco Filters based in Middletown, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Industrial Filter Cartridges Product line

  • Stellar Industries - Model 4421 - Telescopic Service Cranes

    Our 4421 service cranes and mechanic trucks are perfect service truck accessory for public utilities, municipalities, water works, and many other situations needing lifting. Stellar Industries is the only U.S. manufacturer in this class of crane to offer several unique features as standard equipment. These include standard radio remote control, a ...

    By Stellar Industries, Inc. based in Garner, IOWA (USA). from Light Duty Cranes Product line

  • Sahara Industrial - Custom Designed Batch Ovens

    Sahara Industrial Batch Ovens offer a range of sizes and heating arrangements to meet a variety of batch heating applications. Challenge us with your toughest oven applications! Benko Products is not restricted to industrial oven standard model sizes, instead, we will custom design and build an industrial oven to meet your specifications.

    By Benko Products, Inc. based in Sheffield Village, OHIO (USA). from Industrial Ovens Product line

  • GA Industries - Model Figure 922 - High Capacity Compound Lever Air Release Valve

    The Figure 922 has a larger venting orifice than the Figure 920 and therefore can efficiently release air from higher flow rate systems. The Figure 922 is available with 2” or 3” (DN50 or DN80) NPT connection size, cast iron body and 316 SS trim and can be supplied with one of two large standard orifices - a 3/8” (4.8mm) diameter ...

    By Edwin Elliot & Co., Inc. based in Lafayette Hill, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Flexible Tanks for Potable Water

    Many industrial sites are situated in a region with no or poor potable water supply. We have reacted to this problem and we provide a solution for the stockage of potable water in our flexible barrels which comply to the sanitary requirements – in Europe and all over the world. The characteristics of our developed technical tissues comply ...

    By CITERNEO based in Amboise Cedex, FRANCE. from Industry Product line

  • Focus Industries - Model DL-30 HID - Directional Lights

    Construction: Cast aluminum or cast brass Bullet; matching heavy duty cast aluminum or brass adjustable swivel. Note: Weep holes standard in bottom of fixture to allow water to flow through when using outdoor rated PAR30 lamps without fixture lens and to allow air flow for high temperature HID PAR30 lamps. See DOWN LIGHTS note below for down light ...

    By Focus Industries, Inc. based in Lake Forest, CALIFORNIA (USA). from HID Product line

  • Industrial Steam - Jet Spray Pressurized Deaerator

    Unique Jet Spray scrubber design deaerator guarantees removal of all dissolved oxygen in excess of .005 cc/liter (7 ppb). Electronic Instrumentation For Modulating Deaerator Level control includes a HART compatible differential pressure transmitter, PID controller, and motorized control valve. Multiple Deaerator Configurations: vertical or ...

    By Industrial Steam based in Atlantic, IOWA (USA). from Pressurized Deaerators Product line

  • Model Select Analyst series - Water Purification Systems

    Our Select range of water purification systems is compact, robust, simple to use and easy to maintain and available in six standard models: Analyst, edi 60, HP, Purewater 300, Fusion and Neptune Ultimate. The Select Analyst is a compact unit ideal for laboratory use, delivering a steady supply of > 1MΩ.cm pure water for laboratory tasks ...

    By SUEZ Water UK | Purite Ltd. based in Thame, UNITED KINGDOM. from Industrial Product line

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