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    Changing Consumers’ Perceptions on the Value of Water

    Shape the Perception of Water’s Worth© 2014 American Water Works AssociationAvailable at the AWWA StoreIdeal crop marksDedicated to the World’s Most Important Resource ™Melanie K. GoetzCommunicating Water s Value Talking Points, Tips & StrategiesExcerpt from the book included.Buy Now© 2014 American Water Works Association53Chapter 8The Paradox of Value: Water Rates and the Law of ...

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    OTT MF pro - Water Flow Meter - Operating Instructions

    DOC026.53.80211MF pro04/2014, Edition 4Operating InstructionsTable of ContentsSpecifications ..............................................................................................................3Sensor specifications...................................................................................................3Portable meter ...

  • PRIMEX - RO Water Process Controls System Brochure

    RO water process controls by PRIMEX offer a fully developed, highly configurable controls solution. Utilizing industry standard, dependable and highly functional control hardware platforms combined with Process PRO™, our innovative modular program architecture, PRIMEX has created a control system that provides the features and functionality you would expect from SCADA systems at a price ...

    By Best Control Company

  • Hot Water Meter Datasheet

    Toll Free: 1-800-765-6518 | www.mastermeter.comSee reverse side for more specifications »Rugged, durable and highly accurate, these meters can take the heat.Velocity-type meter meeting or exceeding the performance requirements of AWWA Standard C-708. Water, evenly distrib-uted through multiple inlet ports, flows past an impeller in the measuring chamber, creating an impeller velocity directly ...

    By Master Meter, Inc.

  • Water Management Program Services- Brochure

    WATER MANAGEMENTWAT E R R E D U C T I O N F O R I N C R E A S E D E F F I C I E N C YA Commitment to SustainabilityFlush water for process equipment is often viewed as an intrinsic process element required for reliable equipment operation. The business consequences of excessive flush water usage range from adverse environmental impact to hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost efficiency per ...

    By A.W. Chesterton Co.

  • Woltmann - Model H5000 - Bulk Water Meters - Brochure

    H5000 Hybrid Woltmann meterwww.elstermetering.comH5000 Woltmann cold water meterThe H5000 is a Woltmann-type meter designed for measuring bulk flows of cold potable water for revenue billing in commercial or industrialapplications and distribution system monitoringKey features• Wide measuring range approved up to 2000:1 • Retro-fit mechanism into the H4000 body• ...

    By Elster Group

  • Elster H4000 Woltmann Cold Water Meters Brochure

    H4000 Kent range of bulk Woltmann coldwater metersThe accurate, robust meterwww.elster.comKey features? Inductive register for improved outputperformance and security? Extended low and high flow performance? Suitable for forward and reverse flow metering? Robust shroud and copper can registerfor long-life and clear readability? Longer wear life for optimum accuracy? Exceeds Class B specification ...

    By MWA Technology

  • GMI - Model 4500 - Fixed Systems Datasheet

    When you’re looking to monitor a medium to large application of up to 40 potential gas leak points, you need an system that will respond quickly, is tried, tested and proven in a wide variety of industries, and more importantly; has a history of being reliable and cost effective. With that criteria in mind, GMI produced the 4500, an advanced fixed detection system which will quickly ...

  • NextCentury - Transforming Sub-Metering Technology System Datasheet

    w w w. n e x t c e n t u r y m e t e r s . c o m | s a l e s @ n e x t c e n t u r y m e t e r s . c o mNextCentury is transforming sub-metering technology to work efficiently for you. We provide full-featured, dependable equipment at reasonable prices. We’ve worked with users every step of the design process to provide equipment that is the easiest to install and maintain.Transceiver & ...

  • Metrix - Version 4 - Utility Accounting System Software Manual

    Metrix 4 User’s Guide Documentation Revision 8/18/2011 Copyright © 2011 Abraxas Energy Consulting 811 Palm St. San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 All rights reserved. Abraxas Energy is a registered trademark of Abraxas Energy Consulting. The Abraxas Energy logo is a trademark of Abraxas Energy Consulting. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 3 ...

    By Abraxas Energy Consulting

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    Benchtop Density Meters Brochure

    One Click® Density Measurementwith Built-in Quality ControlImmediate QC resultsFor each product lower and upper result limits can be defined. Measured products are automatically verified with the limits, and the color of the result(s) indicates if specifications are met: black = passed, red = failed. Results can be displayed in density, specific gravity, %Alcohol, Brix, API or user-defined ...

    By Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc

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    The NEW CalMaster2 Verification Suite Brochure

    The world’s first in-situ flow meter verification suite for both mains AND battery powered electromagnetic flow meters is here.In the water industry, flow meter verification is a key operational process. Regulatory and audit requirements demand it, as do consumers. In addition, effective and efficient flow meter verification delivers consistent flow measurement and peace of mind.The costly and ...

    By ABB Measurement Products

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    CalMaster2 Verification Suite Brochure

    CalMaster2 verification suiteAccurate, efficient and cost effective flow meter verificationABB InstrumentationFlow Measurement?Accurate, efficient and cost effective flow meter verification......without all the baggageIn the water industry, flow meter verification is a key operational process. Regulatory and audit requirements demand it, as do consumers. In addition, effective and efficient ...

    By ABB Measurement Products

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    CalMaster2 - CheckMaster Meter Validation Brochure

    CalMaster2 - CheckMaster Meter ValidationAccurate, efficient and cost effective flow meter validationABB InstrumentationFlow Measurement Flow MeasurementAccurate, efficient and cost effective flow meter validation......without all the baggageIn the water industry, flow meter accuracy is a key operational process. Regulatory and audit requirements demand it, as do consumers. In addition, ...

    By ABB Measurement Products

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    Biofilm Treatment Program Using JC 9450-2Ed - Brochure

    One of the early applications of JC 9450 was treating well water fed to farm animals. In doing so, it was discovered that regardless of BOD, COD or TOC, an injection rate to reach a target ORP of +500 mV to +550 mV was more than satisfactory in handling the organic loading, prevent algae growth where the animals were drinking and prevent scale build up on drinkers utilized by small animals with ...

    By Jenfitch, LLC

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    Condition Assessment of Sewer Force Mains Brochure

    Assessing Sewer Force Mains Pure Technologies provides innovative solutions to help manage pressurized pipelines with leading capabilities in the condition assessment of sewer force mains. Why Assess a Force Main? Many force mains have been in use for several decades and have never been assessed or proactively managed. To safely rely on these pipelines, their condition should be periodically ...

    By Pure Technologies

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    JC 9450-Zebra Mussels Control - Brochure

    The following information about zebra mussels is extracted from the EPA manual: Alternative disinfectants and oxidants, also the US Corp of Engineer ZM chemical control guide. Control of Nuisance Asiatic Clams and Zebra Mussels: The Asiatic clam ( Corbicula fluminea) was introduced to the United States from Southeast Asia in 1938 and now inhabits almost every major river system south of ...

    By Jenfitch, LLC

  • Badger Meter E-Series = Flyer

    UF_Eseries_UB_02_1303.doc Reprint of texts or text extracts requires prior written authorization of Badger Meter Europa GmbH. Misuse of texts, pictures or company logo wil l be prosecuted. Each year, municipalities and utilities lose millions of gallons of water, and millions more in revenue, due to leaks and ...

    By Badger Meter Europa GmbH

  • LISST-StreamSide for Monitoring Applications - Technical Specifications

    The LISST-StreamSide from Sequoia Scientific, Inc. is a laser particle sizer specifically designed for monitoring shallow rivers, streams, or ponds. It is a flow-through instrument for use in field environments. Water is pumped through the instrument and the detailed size distribution and volume concentration is measured and stored on board. A water sample is not retained - after flowing through ...

    By Sequoia Scientific, Inc.

  • Wafer-Cone - Flow Meter Brochure

    © 2010 McCrometer, Inc.All rights reserved. Patent Pending. Printed in USA. Lit.No. 24511-18 Rev. 1.1The McCrometer value differenceThe only hot tap Full ProfileInsertion Flow Meter.McCrometer.Addressing today’s challenges. FFPPII MMaaggSSPPII MMaaggInsertionFlow MetersTMTMFor 55 years, McCrometer has demonstrated an unyieldingcommitment to integrity which is reflected in our stringentflow ...

    By McCrometer, Inc.

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