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clay pipe (Water and Wastewater Pipes) equipment

  • TuffGuard - Vitrified Clay Pipe

    TuffGuard is an ingenious addition to the bell of a traditional vitrified clay pipe. The reinforcement provides a cushion from damage, post tensions the ceramic bell material and allows for greater projection of the joint length.

    By Can Clay Corporation based in Cannelton, INDIANA (USA).

  • NoBel - Vitrified Clay Pipe

    NoBel vitrified clay pipe is renowned for it's ease of installation, rigidity and long term corrosion resistance. NoBel pipe is especially suited for gravity sanitary sewer installations exceeds the requirements of ASTM C 301, ASTM C 425 and ASTM C 700.

    By Can Clay Corporation based in Cannelton, INDIANA (USA).

  • Stephan - Vitrified Clay Pipes

    To help solve problems encountered in the plastic shaping of large products, we developed specific raw material concepts that excel in terms of very high dry bending strength, outstanding plasticity, high transverse crushing strength of the finished products and minimum effort for subsequent treatment.

    By Stephan Schmidt Gruppe based in Dornburg, GERMANY. from Vitrified Clay Pipes Product line

  • Clay Pipe Seals

    VIP-Polymers have developed a range of specially formulated EPDM and NBR (Nitrile) compounds to suit modern clay pipe applications, all of which are manufactured in accordance with EN681-1 and meet or exceed the requirements of EN295-1. Today our clay pipe seals are selected as original equipment by a number of the leading global clay pipe ...

    By VIP Polymers Ltd based in Huntingdon,, UNITED KINGDOM. from Clay Pipe Seals Product line

  • RapidLok - Vitrified Clay Pipe

    RapidLok vitrified clay pipe rehabilitation and repair couplings have been developed to speed installation of new lateral connections and repair damaged vcp lines. It's ease of installation results in significant cost savings and reduces disruption time to traffic when in used in streets. RapidLok allows for the owner to retain the best quality ...

    By Can Clay Corporation based in Cannelton, INDIANA (USA).

  • Vitrified Clay Pipe

    Can Clay's rigid vitrified clay pipe is equipped with flexible joints having a high dimensional tolerance and specially compounded polyester resins combined with an elastomeric seal. CanOLok™ vitrified clay pipe conforms to ASTM C 700 for EXTRA STRENGTH. CanOLok™ compression joint's conforms to the ASTM C 425. The results are a ...

    By Can Clay Corporation based in Cannelton, INDIANA (USA).

  • Clay Pipe - Dipping And Glazing

    Once ceramic clay (sewage) pipes have been dried they are transfered to a dipping and glazing section. This can be carried out fully or in a semi automated manor.

    By Schoenbeck GmbH & Co. KG based in Nienstaedt, GERMANY. from Clay Pipe - Dipping And Glazing Product line

  • Clay Pipe - Extruder Section-Ceramic

    Handling clay pipe in a 'green' status requires a great deal of experience and know-how Green pipes are soft clay pipes freshly extruded and extremely vunerable. We manipulate the pipes after cutting and cleaning of the spigot and socket end. We transfer the pipes from the extruder area to the drier cars for dry prosessing. Traditionally robotic ...

    By Schoenbeck GmbH & Co. KG based in Nienstaedt, GERMANY. from Clay Pipe - Extruder Section-Ceramic Product line

  • Clay Pipe - Conveyor Transportation Methods

    Pipes can be transfered from section to section by means of sturdy conveyor assemblies. This section shows large diameter pipes being positionsed/ lifted from horizontal to vertical positions for further pipe processing.

    By Schoenbeck GmbH & Co. KG based in Nienstaedt, GERMANY. from Clay Pipe - Conveyor Transportation Methods Product line

  • Clay Pipe - Kiln Car Loading

    Once the pipes have completed dipping and glazing, they are transfered further and loaded onto Kiln cars which then transfer the pipes onwards to the Kiln oven for firing. various lifting methods will be utilised pending the size OD and weight of the pipes being manufactured.

    By Schoenbeck GmbH & Co. KG based in Nienstaedt, GERMANY. from Clay Pipe - Kiln Car Loading Product line

  • Clay Pipe - Introducing Pipe Sealing To Socket And Spigot

    It is extremely important that stone clay pipes are water-tight sealed in order to prevent and environmental sewage polution. Various pipe seals can be utilised pending the market that is being targeted. A system that we offer is based on the 'K' pipe sealing. This type sealing is a mixture of chemical materials stored inside daily working ...

  • Clay - General Pipe Handling Equipment

    We have numerous handling equipment from fully automatic tools for robot installation or semi-automatic and basic manually operated lifting equipment.

    By Schoenbeck GmbH & Co. KG based in Nienstaedt, GERMANY. from Clay - General Pipe Handling Equipment Product line

  • Clay Pipe - Transportation - Priming Prior To Sealing Socket And Spigot

    On completion of the pipe firing application pipes need to be sealed at both spigot and socket ends. Before this to happens they first need to be off- loaded from the kiln cars and transfered onto a conveyor. Depending on the pipe size, this can be carried out via Robot or other handling methods. The conveyor track assembly is fully automated ...

  • NO-DIG - Pipes

    Hgh strength,  corrosion-resistant  clay pipe. Resilient gasket buffer between the collar and pipe. Resilient gasket forms watertight seal. Compression disc to distribute the jacking forces. 316 stainless steel collar compresses gasket and resists shear and corrosion.

    By The Logan Clay Products Company based in Logan, OHIO (USA).

  • Clay Sewer

    Naylor has been manufacturing clay pipes since its formation in 1890, but recent years have seen huge investment in the plant and a diversification of the product range, enabling the business to improve productivity and increase turnover. Naylor continues to offer sewer pipes for open trench installation; the primary offering is the plain-end ...

    By Naylor Drainage Ltd. based in Cawthorne, UNITED KINGDOM. from Clay Sewer Product line

  • Naylor Denlok - Jacking Pipe

    A combination of the strength and chemical resistance of a vitrified clay pipe, with the demanding requirements of trenchless installation make Naylor Denlok® the ideal sewer jacking pipe.

    By Rocla Pty Ltd based in Chatswood, AUSTRALIA.

  • Keramo - Earthenware Pipe

    Keramo offers a recyclable, hard wearing, strong, impregnable pipe system with durability of kiln fired vitrified clay. Ideal for use in harsh or chemical environments. Rubber ring joint walled vitrified glazed clay pipe is available in a range of DN100-1400mm diameters. Spigoted/socket jointing system with polyurethane and SBR rubber sealing ...

    By Hynds Pipe Systems Limited based in Botany, NEW ZEALAND. from Earthenware Pipe Product line

  • Mücher Dichtungen - Model TYPE 2A - Pipe Coupling

    Coupling Canada Plus Type 2A – for connecting clay pipes within same dimension. The coupling Canada Plus Type 2A connects plain ended clay pipes within same dimension and is compensating differences in outside diameters of max. 6 mm. The coupling Canada Plus Type 2A can be used for applications above and below ground as well as inside and ...

    By MÜCHER DICHTUNGEN GmbH & Co. KG based in Frechen, GERMANY. from Pipe Coupling Product line

  • Denlok - Jacking Pipe

    The Denlok design of vitrified clay pipes has been specially developed to meet the requirements of installation by trenchless construction methods. Denlok pipes are supplied to major projects throughout the world for installation by various techniques.

    By Can Clay Corporation based in Cannelton, INDIANA (USA).

  • Drainage Pipes

    Our range of drainage pipes offers an alternative for each type of effluent (sewage, rainwater, industrial water) suited to the requirements of the site.

    By Vhm Group based in Molsheim, FRANCE. from Drainage Pipes Product line

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