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ZF has improved pump production with an Equator gauging system - compact, rugged and able to inspect - Case Study

by Renishaw plc  (Sep. 13, 2016)

ZF Marine in Padua, Italy, a manufacturer of pumps for marine propulsion systems, was looking for faster process control, with greater measurement capability. “We realised that it was possible to save time,” explains Gerardo Matterazzo, Quality Manager at ZF, “but we had to identify the right tool. With the Equator process ...

Horsepower on the pump curve

by Goulds Water Technology, Xylem Inc.  (Sep. 6, 2016)

Now that the head capacity relationship along the X and Y axes of the pump curve has been established in Part 1 of this series, the pump curve can be used to determine the amount of horsepower required to meet the head and capacity requirements for the job. Horsepower is a unit of power equal to 550 foot pounds per second or 746 ...

Case Study: Fighting Wipes at Wonderland Pumping Station

by JWC Environmental  (Aug. 29, 2016)

JWC Monsters never back down in the fight against tough wipes clogs! Problem: Clogged pumps and reweaving of materials Solution: Wipes Ready Channel Monster Dealing with tough debris and clogged pumps and pipes are significant and costly issues for many municipal public works departments. These ...

Getting an air source heat pump from Better Planet – from first discussion to finished project

by Better Planet  (Sep. 26, 2016)

Initial contact The initial contact is often on the phone and we try to establish if an air source heat pump makes sense from a financial and technical point of view. Heat pumps makes sense for most new built projects. For retrofits, heat pumps makes most sense for properties not connected to the gas grid. If you are connected to the gas ...

At Goulds Water Technology, business means family and family means business - Case Study

by Goulds Water Technology, Xylem Inc.  (Sep. 20, 2016)

When Seabury S. Gould founded his pump company in the mid-1800s, he knew he had a good thing going. He believed in the material and the design, and he was proud to be the man behind fresh flowing water for the pioneers opening the West, the farmers in the East and the plantations down South. What Gould didn’t ...

Case Study - 30MW Single Flash Power Plant and 20 MW Expansion

by Geothermal Development Associates (GDA)  (Aug. 31, 2016)

Lihir Island, Papua New Guinea – 2005 In December 2003, Lihir Management Company awarded GDA a contract for supply and site supervision for a 30MW (net) geothermal power plant. In 2005, Lihir contracted with GDA for an additional 20 MW of plant equipment. The picture at the right shows the main power house and annex under construction. The ...

Should I insulate my condensate units’ receiver?

by Goulds Water Technology, Xylem Inc.  (Aug. 11, 2016)

This issue is not addressed in Xylem Domestic Pump and Hoffman Pump product manuals, factory recommendations or Little Red School House steam system application and sizing guides. Some installations require insulation for safety. Otherwise, it’s a matter of choice based on system design and your understanding of the strengths, limitations ...

K3Delta installs a high-efficiency BBA Pumps jet water unit

by BBA Pumps  (Aug. 2, 2016)

The Dutch K3Delta family business has a rich history. Since 1928 the company has been a leader in the responsible extraction of sand and gravel. Additionally, the company has become a major player in the raw materials market, where sustainable development plays a key role. For the production site at Lingemeer near Echteld, K3Delta has recently ...

BBA Pumps irrigation pumps, an unseen hero of daily life

by BBA Pumps  (Aug. 2, 2016)

The Netherlands receives on average 800 mm of rain each year. This, you may feel is the reason why you relatively never see BBA irrigation pumps out in the field. But it is more likely due to the fact that the B series of irrigation pumps rarely sits idle. Due to their convenient mounting on a wheelbarrow frame they can be easily returned back to ...

Viscous Pumping in Focus

by Sulzer  (Jul. 13, 2016)

The performance of a pump is influenced when it handles viscous fluids such as crude oil. For the configuration and design of pumps, this is key. In the industry, pump performance curves are developed by testing with water at temperatures around 25°C and corrected to a specific gravity of one. Engineers use this standard so that they have ...

Xylem pumps chosen for the biggest shopping mall in the Nordic region - Case Study

by LOWARA S.r.l.- a Xylem brand  (Jul. 12, 2016)

When the time came to select the pumps for the Mall of Scandinavia, high operational reliability and superior efficiency were two of the key parameters. Around 200 Xylem in-line pumps are now helping to handle the supply of heating, cooling and domestic hot water to all areas of the giant installation. Located in Stockholm, Solna, the Mall of ...

Binary vs. Quaternary: Which Pump is Right for You?

by Waters Corporation  (Jul. 6, 2016)

How to decide which chromatography system pump is right for you Well, you’ve made it this far and I am guessing that you are coming back because I have provided some useful information to help you understand the differences and nuances of a binary versus ...

Binary vs. Quaternary Pumps: High Pressure Mixing vs. Low Pressure Mixing

by Waters Corporation  (Jun. 27, 2016)

Welcome to the next installment in my series on binary vs. quaternary pumps for liquid chromatography! In my previous post, I discussed how gradients are created as well as the importance of having accuracy and precision in your gradient. ...

Binary vs Quaternary Pumps

by Waters Corporation  (Jun. 13, 2016)

How is a Gradient Created? Any liquid chromatograph is an amalgamation of a certain set of components that delivers to the scientist a monograph of the sample they are analyzing.  Traditionally, an LC system consists of a pump, an injector, a column heater, a detector and even more commonly these days a mass spectrometer or mass ...

4 Key Design Criteria for Jet Mixers

by KLa Systems, Inc.  (Apr. 8, 2016)

Jet mixers are widely used in both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities to blend the plant influent and suspend light organic solids in circular equalization tanks.  Other applications for these powerful hydraulic mixers include mixing anoxic tanks and anaerobic reactors with the latter application being for industrial ...

Superfund Site, Water Pump & Treat System - Case Study

by Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.  (Apr. 6, 2016)

Anguil Aqua Systems LLC was contracted as part of a team of companies to implement a ground water pump and treat system intended to remove trichloroethylene (TCE) from a local aquifer designated as a Superfund Site by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Though the site is nestled between the buildings and roadways of an existing and ...

Pumps Manufacturing of the Future

by Sulzer  (Mar. 16, 2016)

Sulzer builds pumps of the highest quality but also responds to the customers’ requirements for short lead times, close proximity, and competitive prices. Now, Sulzer is revolutionizing its pump manufacturing with a new setup of its factories. The new structure of Sulzer’s global manufacturing network consists of three factory ...

Case Study - Reactor Vent Emission Control

by Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.  (Mar. 11, 2016)

OVERVIEW Many chemical and petroleum companies use batch reactors to make their products.  These reactors typically have vents which are opened and closed during emptying, filling, mixing, heating or cooling and other steps of the production process.  The gases coming from these vents must be controlled under most government ...

Power Industry: Noxious Fumes at TVA Handled by Scrubber Case Study

by CR Clean Air Group, LLC  (Feb. 16, 2016)

To keep the work area free of noxious fumes and reduce atmosphere pollution, T.V.A. Wilson Dam uses a 36″ diameter Clean Air Group fume scrubber to handle 12,500 cfm of gas @ 150°F in their high-analysis super phosphate operations. Manufacturing high analysis super phosphate fertilizer at the TVA Wilson Dam operation creates noxious ...

New White Paper Explains How to Improve Safety Inspection of Pumped Food Lines

by Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc  (Feb. 16, 2016)

A wide range of processed food passes through pipelines everyday, from meat and poultry to dairy products, and fruit and vegetables to confectionery. However, contamination detection in pumped products can prove challenging. Safeline X-ray's brand-new white paper entitled "Improving Food Safety Inspection of Pumped Products" explains how metal ...

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