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Slurry Pump (Water and Wastewater Pumps) equipment available in Greece

  • Relia - Model centrifuge slurry pump - China centrifuge slurry pump for AH series

    Company Profile:Tangshan Relia Industrial Pump Co., Ltd is a professional slurry pump manufacturer in China. With the accumulation and development of years, we have formed a complete system of slurry pump design, selection, application and maintenance.Quick details of AH series slurry pumps:Theory: centrifugal slurry pump ...

    By Tangshan Relia Industrial Pump Co.,Ltd based in Tangshan, CHINA.

  • Tobee® Pump - Model ZJQ - Tobee® Submersible slurry pump

    Tobee® ZJQ Submersible Slurry Pump is hydraulic machinery, the motor and the pump of which arecoaxially submerged in medium to work. The overflowing parts of the pump are made fromhigh alloy wear-resistant material, so the pump has good wear resistance and large flowingpassage.

    By Hebei Tobee Pump Co.,Limited based in Shijiazhuang, CHINA.

  • High Pressure Slurry Pump

    A high pressure pump is a safe pumping solution capable of tranporting slurry over long distances.

    By Højgaards Maskinfabrik based in Lemvig, DENMARK. from Slurry Pumps Product line

  • Submerged Chopper Slurry Pump

    Designed for many applications, these pumps can handle slurries with a high percentage of solids and fibrous materials. Positioned in front of the vacuum rotor, a pin fixed disk with sharp profiles cut material passing between the blades and against knives.  The electric motor is protected against infiltration of liquids by two m

    By CRD Company based in Ernee, FRANCE. from Pumps Product line

  • Model APV/DP Series - Mobile Slurry Pump Unit

    High-performance and mobile pump unit for continuous slurry pumping. Used to supply the SRS 12 Slurry Injector and SDS 7000 Slurry Spreader with slurry, or for the filling of a nurse tank.APV 250 has a capacity of 250 m3/hour at a 12 bar delivery pressure, whilst the DP 201 pump unit has a capacity of 200 m3/hour at a 10 bar discharge pressure. ...

    By Agrometer a/s based in Grindsted, DENMARK. from Slurry Handling Product line

  • Tobee® Pump - Model TPR - Tobee® Vertical slurry pump for sump

    Tobee® TP(R) Vertical Slurry Pump are centrifugal slurry pumps submerged in sump to work.They are designed for delivering abrasive,large particle and high density slurries.These pumps have no need of any shaft seal and sealing water. They can also be operated normally for insufficient suction duties.Wet parts of type TP pump are made of ...

    By Hebei Tobee Pump Co.,Limited based in Shijiazhuang, CHINA.

  • Model AHK Series - Horizontal Slurry Pumps

    GloTech is capable of designing and manufacturing a broad range of horizontal slurry pumps for a variety of applications. These single stage, single suction pumps can efficiently pump highly dense slurry containing hard / abrasive solid particles. Excellent hydraulic coverage enables use in a broad range of applications including: mining / ...

    By GloTech Corporation based in Coconut Creek, FLORIDA (USA). from Pump Solutions Product line

  • Vertical Slurry Pump

    Main features: Single shell, metal structure, durable materials New type impeller, high efficiency and big capacity. Mechanical sealing, no leakage. Bearing is located in upper side, no water contact, good fabrication. Flow:100—500m3/h,Lift:25—30m,Power:15—90KW

    By Doyen (China) Machinery Co., Ltd based in Foshan, CHINA. from Sewage Sludge Pumps Product line

  • Horizontal Slurry Pump

    Main Features: Cantilever structure, high speed, in order to obtain a higher head; Pump shell is made of corrosion-resistant high-Cr-Mn alloy material, available for low-concentration slurry transportation, extended working life. Flow:20—40m3/h Lift:30-60m Power:15—37KW

    By Doyen (China) Machinery Co., Ltd based in Foshan, CHINA. from Sewage Sludge Pumps Product line

  • Submersible Slurry Pump

    Main features: No blocks, slurry with big particle materials like cloth, fiber etc available to pump. Protection on water, electricity leakage and over-load Very convenient installation and maintenance with double rails coupling device. New material mechanical sealing, makes pump available to running continuously for more than 8000 hours. Flow: ...

    By Doyen (China) Machinery Co., Ltd based in Foshan, CHINA. from Sewage Sludge Pumps Product line

  • Submerged Slurry Pump

    Main features: Big capacity available with unique impeller structure. Both ends, tungsten-carbide material sealing, more durable. Flow:100—500m3/h,. Lift:25—30m,. Power:11—75KW。

    By Doyen (China) Machinery Co., Ltd based in Foshan, CHINA. from Sewage Sludge Pumps Product line

  • Model LL8 Series - Drilling Mud and Slurry Pump

    The LL8 Progressive Cavity Pump is ideal for abrasive pumping applications as a drilling fluids with sand and grit such as fracking operations. As a Mud Pump, the LL8 Series is a popular model on many mobile pumping rigs in use today. Replacement mud pump parts are available as well from our stock and work on other popular manufacturers models.

    By Liberty Process Equipment, Inc. based in Arlington Heights, ILLINOIS (USA). from Progressive Cavity Pumps for Water Well Drill Rigs Product line

  • Libra fluid - Model 6/4 - Ceramic slurry pump impeller

    Ceramic slurry pump impellers are made of Silicon Nitride Bonded Silicon Carbide, aimed to Wear and Erosion resistant working application.Partial list of Impellers available for the contemporary and legacy OEM stylesWarman AH slurry pump impellers style1.5 /1 2 /1.5 3 /2 4 /36 /4 8 / 6

    By Libra Fluid Equipment Co,.LTD based in shijiazhuang, CHINA.

  • Goulds - Model SRL Series - Severe Duty Slurry Pumps

    The Goulds Model SRL is the original rubber-lined slurry pump. It is the result of nearly a century of proven experience in the design, manufacture and field operation of slurry pumps. The SRL is built to stand up to the toughest services, while providing maximum reliability and extreme ease of maintenance. ...

    By ITT Goulds Pumps based in Seneca Falls, NEW YORK (USA).

  • High Pressure Slurry Pump

    The slurry pump is a new type product, specially designed for the leakage blocking and suited for the waterproof wall in underground engineering,breast wall, leakage blocking in mine,wall protection in well and some basic engineering etc,it's a kind of light, special, high pressure pump with fixed flow rate and the mudium to be pump can be clear ...

  • Warman - Model 1000 Series - Centrifugal Pumps, Vertical Slurry Pumps

    The Warman Series 1000 pump (marketed as Galigher 1000 in the USA) is a long proven horizontal end suction centrifugal pump that will reliably and economically handle abrasive and corrosive medium duty services. The Warman Series 1000 pump is a long proven horizontal end suction centrifugal pump that will reliably and economically handle abrasive ...

    By The Weir Group PLC based in Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM. from Pumps Product line

  • Tongda - Model ZGB - Sand Slurry Pump

    Tongda pump company is the professional pump equipment manufacturer. ZGB(P) series pump equipment is cantilever axial-flow single suction,single stage,double case and high head of delivery horizontal centrifugal pump for slurry. Adopting solid-liquid two-phase flow velocity ratio, ZGB(P) slurry pump can convert the energy between sold and liquid ...

    By Hebei Tongda Pump&Valve Group Co.,Ltd. based in Baoding, CHINA.

  • HEPU - Model VS - Vertical Slurry Pump

    Range of application: Sump pump without packing for application with highly-abrasive suspensions with a high ratio of solids. Examples: Chemical industry, sewage and waste water, water for cleaning in coal and ore preparation, sand and gravel extraction, sintered water, coke breeze water, concrete, brick, and clay industries, etc.

    By HEPU Pumpen und Maschinen GmbH based in Herten, GERMANY.

  • Tongda - Model ZJL - Vertical Slurry Pump

    Tongda pump company is one of the most professional pump manufacturer with more than 20 years experience.Vertical slurry pumps is taken to pump the slurry from the tank. The pump head is placed below the liquid level, but not the whole pump into the water.If the pump motor and other parts also are put into the slurry, then the pump is called ...

    By Hebei Tongda Pump&Valve Group Co.,Ltd. based in Baoding, CHINA.

  • Agronic - Model LP 125 - Tractor-Operated Manure Slurry Pump

    Agronic LP 125 is a tractor-operated two-phase flow slurry pump. A hydraulic pump at the end of a hose efficiently pumps slurry to a six-winged PTO pump which again pumps the slurry forward. Pumping is possible in places which are inaccessible for regular pumps. The hydraulic pump is detachable so it can also be used separately. A moveable and ...

    By Agronic Oy based in Haapavesi, FINLAND. from Water and Slurry Pumps Product line

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