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Submersible Hydraulic Pump (Water and Wastewater Pumps) equipment available in Andorra

  • DuraFlo - Model HTC004 - Submersible Hydraulic Trash Pump

    The DuraFlo hydraulic submersible trash pumps coupled with their diesel or electric drive units are an unbeatable combination for: drying out construction excavations, quarry dewatering, bypassing, sewage, and general municipal use an industrial work.These units are designed and manufactured for the toughest environments. They will run ...

    By MWI Corporation based in Deerfield Beach, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Waste water pump - Model Chopper pump - Submersible chopper pump

    CS series New Generation Chopper PumpAs the increase of population worldwide, and large capacity of waste water effluent. to protect the environment from pollution and to improve the mankind circumstance, and be harmonious with nature. People have to treat all the wastes mankind made. Like water, air, etc.For the water treatment, we have to ...

    By DeTech Pumps Co. Ltd. based in Nanjing, CHINA.

  • Model NSG - Submersible Pumps

    Reliable waste water disposal requires a safe and reliable technology. For this purpose we developed our pump range NSG. The NSG submersible pumps handle domestic, municipal and industrial waste water, sewage and slurries. Due to their large pump openings they are also able to transport foul water with high solid or fibre quantities.

    By Hoelschertechnic-Gorator GmbH & Co. KG based in Gescher, GERMANY. from Hydraulic Pumps Product line

  • Model GORATRON Grinder Pumps - Hydraulic pumps

    Pressure drainage by high-capacity GORATRON submersible grinder pumps Normally in residential areas with low population figures or complicated territorial circumstances the costs for waste water systems are extremely high as they require pipelines with large cross sections. The GORATRON grinder pumps represent a reasonable technical alternative. ...

    By hoelschertechnic-gorator® GmbH & Co. KG based in Gescher, GERMANY. from Waste Water Transporation Product line

  • Hydraulic Submersible Pumps

    Ideal Usage: High suction lift applications such as sewer bypass jobs. Dewatering of mines, quarries and gravel pits.

    By BakerCorp based in Shafter, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Pumps Product line

  • EBARA - Model DLFU - Submersible Cast Iron Wastewater Sewage Pump

    The model DLFU submersible non-clog pumps are constructed of rugged cast iron with heavy-duty motors suitable for industrial and municipal water supply and wastewater applications, including lift stations, sewage treatment and flood control. Model DLFU submersible pumps are easy to install and maintain. The high-efficiency impeller is ...

    By EBARA International Corporation based in Rock Hill, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA). from Submersible Product line

  • Tobee® Pump - Model ZJQ - Tobee® Submersible slurry pump

    Tobee® ZJQ Submersible Slurry Pump is hydraulic machinery, the motor and the pump of which arecoaxially submerged in medium to work. The overflowing parts of the pump are made fromhigh alloy wear-resistant material, so the pump has good wear resistance and large flowingpassage.

    By Hebei Tobee Pump Co.,Limited based in Shijiazhuang, CHINA.

  • Tobee® Pump - Model ZJQ - Tobee® Submersible sand pump

    Tobee® ZJQ Submersible Sand Pump is hydraulic machinery, the motor and the pump of which arecoaxially submerged in medium to work. The overflowing parts of the pump are made fromhigh alloy wear-resistant material, so the pump has good wear resistance and large flowingpassage.

    By Hebei Tobee Pump Co.,Limited based in Shijiazhuang, CHINA.

  • Crisafulli - Hydraulic Submersible Self-Priming Pumps

    Crisafulli offers 53 standard models of its hydraulic submersible self-priming pumps in sizes from 2 inches to 10 inches, with flow capacities between 200 GPM and 3,800 GPM, Total Dynamic Heads (TDH) between 10 feet and 120 feet, and Solids Passing Capabilities to 3 inches. Custom models up to 24 inches and 18,000 GPM Flows are o

    By SRS Crisafulli, Inc. based in Glendive, MONTANA (USA). from Pumps Product line

  • Model THN - Dewatering Pumps

    High capacity and all-purpose submersible pumps for foul water. Failure safe submersible pumps for manifold tasks in the field of flushing and drainage. The THN pumps are fully submersible, equipped with permanently lubricated rolling bearings of high quality and double or triple acting shaft sealings. They are suited for applications ranging from ...

    By Hoelschertechnic-Gorator GmbH & Co. KG based in Gescher, GERMANY. from Hydraulic Pumps Product line

  • Model 2 - Hydraulic Submersible Trash Pump

    The S2T-2 is a Very Portable Vortex Impeller pump. This pump can handle stringy solids and can be used for jobs such as bilge pumping, jobsite dewatering, wastewater transfer, oil skimmers, vault pumping and grit chamber clean-outs.

    By Pow-R Mole Sales LLC based in Lancaster, NEW YORK (USA). from Water Pumps Product line

  • Griffin - Hydraulic Driven Submersible Pumps

    Griffin’s Hydraulic Driven Submersible Pumps are available in trash, axial flow and materials handling models. The pumps range from 4” to 24” with a variety of impeller designs. These pumps are designed for handling high volumes of water up to 20,000 gpm and head conditions up to 140 ft. The impellers can handle solids up to ...

    By Griffin Dewatering based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Pump & Equipment Product line

  • Model VS series - 4 Inch Stainless Steel Submersible Pumps

    Compact, reliable and suited to operate in horizontal position. Built-in check valve to protect the pump against water hammer risk. Floating impellers to grant a better performance and longer life for the pump against abrasion. The hydraulic design is such to enhance the overall effi ciency thus reducing energy consumption and. making the pumping ...

    By Vertical Srl based in Dueville (Vicenza), ITALY. from Submersible Pumps Product line

  • HS Series

    Gorman-Rupp hydraulic submersible pumps are designed for trash-handling, dewatering applications and for pumping dirty liquids such as mining and paper plant wastes. They are also excellent for pumping sewage from digester and holding tanks as well as sewer bypass. Because they operate without using electricity, they are well suited for ...

    By Gorman-Rupp Co. based in Mansfield, OHIO (USA). from Submersible Pumps Product line

  • Model IM10 - Submersible Pumps

    Construction: Submersible motor pumps for deep wells of 4″ (DN 100 mm), with turbine impeller. The stainless steel hydraulics end special plastic materials, prevent the impeller jamming, even after an extenden stoppage. Thanks to special construction features, both installation and maintenance of IM 10 are fast and easy. Delivery port G 1.

    By Subteck based in S.Vito al Tagliamento (PN), ITALY. from Submersible Pumps Product line

  • Hydraulic Submersible Pumps

    The Agronic hydraulic drive submersible pump series contains three pumps of different sizes for various uses. The pumps can handle impurities, gravel, stones and dry running. The pump body is galvanized, the discharge hose is 5m and the hydraulic hoses are 7m, a hook is attached to the end of the discharge hose. AG21, hose size 3”, oil draw ...

    By Agronic Oy based in Haapavesi, FINLAND. from Water and Slurry Pumps Product line

  • Model SP 20 - Submersible Trash Pump With Hydraulic Motor

    SUBMERSIBLE TRASH PUMP WITH HYDRAULIC MOTOR SP 20 is a small and powerful trash pump with flow capacity up to 500 L/min and water heads up to 10 meters ( max water pressure 1 bar ) The tool can pump solid objects with dimension up to 3,5 cm ( 1-1/4” ) and pump also thick and muddy liquids with concentration of the solid in the fluid up to ...

    By Doa srl based in Novedrate Como, ITALY. from Water Pumps Product line

  • Model S3SHR - 3" Hydraulic Submersible Shredder Pump

    The S3SHR is designed to continuously rip and shear solids with a 360° shredding action. The smaller size allows for use in tight spaces. For municipal, industrial, agricultural and institutional waste applications. A guide rail assembly is available for stationary applications.

    By Hydra-Tech Pumps based in Nesquehoning, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Shredder Pumps Product line

  • Dragflow - Model HY300 - HY400 - Hydraulic Submersible Agitator Pump

    Characteristics: pump provided of agitator to stir things up, high abrasion resistance, low rotation speed, able to handle up to 70% per weight material density. Capacity: up to 1300 cubic meter per hour. Delivery distance: up to 1,5 km.

    By Dragflow S.r.l. based in Villafranca, ITALY. from Hydraulic Slurry Pumps and Diesel/Electric Power Packs Product line

  • Model S3CML - Hydraulic Submersible High Performance Pump

    The S3CML is highly efficient water pump for use where small size, light weight, yet high performance pumping is required. Applications include portable firefighting, mine and deepwell de-watering, barge and ship tank stripping, irrigation, piling and dock jetting, and many other high head applications

    By Hydra-Tech Pumps based in Nesquehoning, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Specialty Pumps Product line

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