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Qdos - Metering Pumps

by Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group     Office in ITALY

Qdos peristaltic metering pumps eliminate ancillaries while maintaining accurate, linear and repeatable metering for process conditions.

APEX - Hose Pump

by Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group     Office in ITALY

The newly expanded range of APEX hose pumps is ideal for aggressive and abrasive applications up to 116psi. With their seal-less, valve-less design, APEX pumps are engineered for a more competitive price/performance ratio vs high pressure hose pumps.

Model TT Series - Vacuum Pumps.

by TECNOSAC s.r.l.     based in correggio, ITALY

Vacuum pump mod. TT1with capacity of 190 lts at 50 Kpa. Vacuum tank. Electric motor HP 1. Vacuum pump mod. TT2 with capacity of 230 lts at 50 Kpa. Vacuum tank. Electric motor HP 1.

Model MXN - Recirculation Pumps

by SCM Tecnologie     based in San Giorgio, ITALY

The MXN series recirculation pumps are based on the same principle of the MX-gi/ii series. The recirculation pumps are used to transfer large volumes of water from adjoining tanks in presence of average (not high) head values.

Model KPA Series - Self-Priming Peripheral Pump

by DAB PUMPS S.p.A     based in Mestrino Padova, ITALY

Self-priming peripheral pump with star impeller, with agreat suction capacity. Cast iron body with brass ring.Motor support and impeller in brass to avoid the risk ofblocking. Driving shaft in stainless steel. Carbon/ceramicmechanical seal.Asynchronous, closed motor, cooled by external ventilation.Built-in thermal and current overload protection ...

Vertical Lineshaft Turbine Pump

by MEC-2 Pompe S.r.l     based in RUBIERA, ITALY

6” to 10” Vertical Lineshaft Pumps with flow rates up to 420 m3/h. Operated by means of a tractor, diesel engine or electric motor.

MJK - Model 701 - Pump Controller

by MJK North America / MJK Automation ApS     Distributor in Trezzano s/N, ITALY

Pump Controller 701 is a compact unit for level control of 1 pump and 1 alarm or for 2 pumps in alternating service. Pump Controller 701 is supplied either complete with Expert™ Hydrostatic piezoresistive Level transmitter and cable bracket or as a separate unit.

Model RRO - Positive Displacement Pump

by Cerpelli Pompe S.r.l.- a Division of Finder Pompe     based in Querceta, ITALY

Designed and built in accordance with API 676 norms, Cerpelli' RRLO represent the evolution of 100 years of experience in the field of design and construction of twin screw volumetric pumps. The pumps are self-priming and can convey fluids containing gas or air.

Model N - Progressive Cavity Pump

by Bellin S.p.a     based in ORGIANO, ITALY

Execution with bearings housing for coupling with any kind of drive through a flexible coupling. Strong construction suitable for heavy duty jobs. Capacity up to 260 m3/h – Pressure up to 30 bar. (Special executions up to 50 bar). Bellin progressive cavity pumps have been designed for easy, low maintenance: wear parts can easily be replaced ...

Model VPM/VPS/VPL - Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

by GemmeCotti Srl     based in Ceriano Laghetto, ITALY

Available materials of construction: AISI 316, 316 L, ALLOY 20, HASTELLOY - C, TITANIUM .Industries served: Refinery, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, paper mills, textile industry, food processing, sugar plants, dairies, electronics, water treatment plants, any hazardous chemical applications.

Model I75C000 - Motor Pump Units

by Scova Engineering S.p.A     based in Castelvetro di Modena (MO), ITALY

Motor Pump Units  Engine F32MNSX00.Pump MEC MG 80/2A .Max power hp/kw 75/55 .R.P.M. n.1' 2000 ,1750 .Q l/min 960 1200 ,1680 .H mt. 112 ,111 ,104 .Tank 360

Model PUG - Chemical Pumps

by MVV s.r.l     based in Orsago TV, ITALY

MVV is famous on the market for manufacturing of external gear pumps designed and entire manufactured inside its new plant. From the need to cover the market of the chemical industry the transport pump and dosing pump “PUG” was born. Currently available in three capacities and three nominal ...

Model SD7/M, SD5 - Horizontal Single Stage Pumps

by LANDINI POMPE, S.R.L.     based in Gonzaga, ITALY

Horizontal bare shaft centrifugal pumps, single stage, coupled by means of a drive flexible coupling to thermic engines or electric motors. Application fields and use limit:  Rain irrigation, public, civil and industrial water supply. According to the materials normally used in the production, the pumps are suitable for lifting soft water ...

Model DPR 10 - Drainage Pump

by Subteck     based in S.Vito al Tagliamento (PN), ITALY

Single-impeller submersible pumps with jacket in stainless steel, with vertical delivery port. DPR: with open impeller. Motor cooled by the pumped water passing between the motor jacket and the external jacket. Double shaft seal with oil chamber. Minimum dimension and high levels of performance, for use in many different applications, head up to ...

Model Bredel Series - Hose Pumps

by Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group     Office in ITALY

The unique direct-couple design of Bredel heavy duty hose pumps combines the small footprint of close-coupled pumps with the reliability and ease of use of long-coupled pumps. The pumps use heavy duty bearings within the pump rotor, eliminating overhung load. The ultra-compact high torque gearing aligns directly to the pump housing and is fully ...

Model PM - High Pressure Pumps

by Mazzoni S.r.l.     based in Cavriago (Re), ITALY

We manufacture inside our factory industrial pumps in line with 3 high pressure pistons, brass head. High performance, low maintenance and reliability are guaranteed by quality materials that ensure a long life.

Fluid-O-Tech - Model PO/PA 70-400 Series - Direct Drive Rotary Vane Pumps

by Fluid-O-Tech S.r.l.     based in Corsico, ITALY

In brass or stainless steel with internal parts in stainless steel and graphite. Flow rate: 18 to 140 GPH at 1725 rpm. Pressure: up to 230 psi. Beverage vending machines, Post-mix drink dispensers, Espresso coffee machines, Cooling systems, Reverse osmosis, Ultra-filtration, Water dispensers, Booster systems, Soda circulation in post-mix drink ...

Model RVS - Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

by ROBUSCHI S.p.A.     based in Parma, ITALY

Liquid ring vacuum pumps are a single stage block model, suitable to compress gas and vapours in the industrial processes.

Model TM – LTM - Progressive Cavity Pump

by Bellin S.p.a     based in ORGIANO, ITALY

Execution as type “TM”- LTM” with special infeed screw at high efficiency and profile to transfer sludge with high concentrations of solids that do not tend to bridging. Body pump stator side entrance easily removable and washable. Capacity up to 260 m3/h – Pressure up to 24/30 bar.

Model J01C000 - Motor Pump Unit

by Scova Engineering S.p.A     based in Castelvetro di Modena (MO), ITALY

Engine D4045DF150-01.Pump MEC MG 80/2A .Max power hp/kw 80/60 .R.P.M. n.1'2000 ,1750 .Q l/min 960 ,1200 ,1680.840 1440 ,2400 H mt. 112 ,111 ,104 89 ,79 ,59 .Tank (lt) 360

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