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  • Maintenance of Drilling Bit

    Maintenance of Drilling Bit

    1. When using, remove the drill from the box and install it into the spring chuck of the spindle or automatically replace the tool magazine of the drill bit. When you are done, put it back in the ...


  • Seismoelectric Groundwater Location Equipment

    Seismoelectric Groundwater Location Equipment

    Well water location. Aquifer depth, yield and thickness reported before drilling a water well. The GF6 seismoelectric technology is used for groundwater surveys {aquifer depth & yield} before drilling a water well. GF6 equipment sales and ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Flexiprobe Inspection Systems With 455 Camera

    Flexiprobe Inspection Systems With 455 Camera

    P571 150m EX Pushrod. Flexicoiler, Rod, Counter, CCC. 10/HK571-EX-150M. Pearpoint P400 series “Labeled & Listed” Pipeline Inspection System Certified by Factory Mutual for use in Class I, Division 1, Gas Groups C & D, Temperature Rating T3 Hazardous Environments. Welded steel & aluminum Flexicoiler w/500’ of semirigid push rod with built in 8.192 kHz sonde ...

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  • Hydro Engineering 2020 Expo

    Hydro Engineering 2020 Expo

    International exhibition of equipment, technologies and materials for construction and operation of hydraulic structures and water bodies Hydro Engineering 2020 will be held on 6-7 October in Kyiv, Ukraine.The Association agreement between EU and Ukraine provides phased implementation of European environmental legislation in Ukraine. Taking into account significant growth of local budgets and ...