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Weir Skimmers equipment for Water and Wastewater

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    Dragonfly - Model 4K316SSB - Micro Oil Skimmer

    The standard floating head used on the 4K316SSB oil skimmer is made a polypropylene fabric concertina machined with a rigid PVC head that floats at the surface. As water is drawn down through the concertina it automatically adjusts its horizontal position relative to the water’s surface to allow the required amount of water as drawn by the ...

    By Floating Skimmers USA based in Florence, OREGON (USA). from Micro Oil Skimmer Product line

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    Ovivo Skim - Skimmer Systems

    The OVIVO Skim skimmer technology provides an economical way to remove the bulk of dispersed oil and solids within a liquid. Ovivo has designed vertical and compact models, well suited for offshore installations, in addition to our standard horizontal designs. The equipment can be adapted to serve as a produced-water degassing vessel. Our range of ...

    By Ovivo USA LLC based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA). from Oil & Gas - Produced Water Primary Treatment Product line

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    TBcomfort - Model FASFLO 75 - Oil Skimmer

    The FASFLO 75 oil skimmer is designed for use in fast flowing waters such as rivers, or while being towed by a vessel. This advancing skimmer design slows the water inside the skimmer, bringing the oil to the surface, allowing it to be recovered by the weir at the back of the skimmer. An adjustable integral hydroplane allows the trim to be ...

    By Texas Boom Company based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Oil Skimmers - Skimmers Product line

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    TBC - Model Komara 15 - Duplex Oil Skimmer

    The Vikoma Komara 15 Duplex is designed as a multiuse skimmer. This skimmer can easily be changed from oleophilic discs to brushes and back again depending on the application. The bruch and disc cassettes can be changed in about two minutes without special tools.   The skimmer’s profile is compact and light weight, making it great ...

    By Texas Boom Company based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Oil Skimmers - Skimmers Product line

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    TBC - Model Komara Multi - Oil Skimmer

    The Komara Multi is a high capacity three in one skimmer, offering disc, brush and weir skimming capability with quick and easy change out between skimming methods. It can also be ordered as strictly a weir skimmer. With a recovery rate of up to 660 gallons per minute, this oil skimmer has the capacity to attack large spills. The Multi skimmer ...

    By Texas Boom Company based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Oil Skimmers - Skimmers Product line

  • Weir Skimmer

    It is an adjustable weir skimmer designed to be particularly effective in large oil spills when a high oil recovery rate is required. It is capable of handling a wide range of oil viscosities.The system has a floating circular weir device with an onboard hydraulically driven positive displacement ECO-SC02 Pump. The weir lies just below the oil ...

    By Eco Equipments Inc. based in Taipei, TAIWAN.

  • Dragonfly - Floating Oil Skimmers

    Our range of floating oil skimmers are sold to companies who are looking to remove oil and other debris in commercial applications.

    By Dragonfly based in Guildford, AUSTRALIA. from Oil Skimmers Product line

  • Lamor - Weir Skimmer Slurp

    SLURP (Self-Leveling Unit for Removing Pollution) is a self-adjusting, floating weir-type oil skimmer, originally developed by Esso Research Centre, Abingdon, England. Used worldwide for over twenty years to remove oil and other floating pollutants from the surface of protected waters, SLURP is one of the most versatile skimmers made, working ...

    By Lamor Corporation Ab based in Porvoo, FINLAND. from Oil Spill Response Products - Skimmers (<50 m³/h) Product line

  • skim-pak - Portable Oil Skimmers

    skim-pak weir type skimmers are simply the best skimmers money can buy. Skim-paks are lightweight and compact, easily deployed and operated by one person. The weir automatically adjusts to the pump rate continually maintaining a skim. skim-pak can be set up for unattended operation or fitted with an operator control accessory package for optimum ...

    By Skim-pak based in Monterey, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Cusp Boom

    The Cusp boom is a high capacity, versatile advancing sweep system. It is designed for oil recovery from a variety of environments including rivers (can also be used as a static system), coastal and offshore. The boom element of the system consists of eighty metres of conventional, heavy duty Bulkhead boom and a four tube cusp section. The four ...

    By Vikoma International Limited based in East Cowes, UNITED KINGDOM. from Recovery Systems - Advancing Product line

  • FOILEX - Mini & Micro Well Skimmer

    Mini & Micro Well Skimmer Fixed skimmer Vertical discharege Foilex Mini & Micro Well Skimmers are fixed non floating suction weir type skimmers with a free 360° inlet and vertical discharge pipe.

    By Foilex Engineering AB based in Göteborg, SWEDEN. from Mini & Micro Skimmers Product line

  • Soft Showel Brush

    The NorMar Soft Shovel Cassette is designed to be mounted on top of the NorMar Weir skimmer. The cassette is delivered with a set of soft shovel units for recovery of heavy oil without picking up any free water. The Soft Shovel has proved itselves in oil spills with viscosities ranging from 80.000 cSt to 400.000 cSt. Each Soft Shovel units is ...

    By Noren Bergen AS based in Godvik-Bergen, NORWAY.

  • MAE2 - Oil Water Separators

    Corrugated plate Oil Water Separators are used to enhance the separation of petroleum & oils in free phase or dispersed non dissolved droplets from water. Our lines of OWS’s are manufactured to API 421 guidelines and each separator is customer designed to your specific application using a variety of separation media and material of ...

    By Mid-Atlantic Environmental Equipment, Inc. based in Bluffton, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA). from System Components Product line

  • OSI - Model 3F Series - Floating Weir Skimmers

    The Oil Skimmers, Inc. line of 3F floating weir skimmers is easily deployable and well-suited for a wide range of oil removal jobs. 3F Series weirs work in sumps, above ground storage tanks, parts washing tanks, equalization tanks, oil/water separators, and on settling and leachate ponds, lagoons or open water where selective adhesion skimming is ...

    By Oil Skimmers, Inc. based in Cleveland, OHIO (USA). from Oil Skimmers - Floating Weir Skimmers Product line

  • Weir Skimmer 15,000 L/hr - GSW15ESP

    Application: These versatile oil skimmers are invaluable for a response team that may need to recover large volumes of oil or fuel during a spill on water. Great for permanent deployment in 'maintenance' situations at minesites and other environmental applications.

    By Global Spill Control based in Thomastown, AUSTRALIA. from Industrial Skimmers - Weir Skimmer Product line

  • Corrugated Plate Interceptor (CPI)

    For treatment of process, run-off, ballast/bilge, and oily water. Flow rates from 25-8000 gpm. Capable of handling 100% oil slugs on limited basis. Carbon Steel/SS Construction. Corrugated plate of PVC,CPVC,PE,SS. Pump skids available. Can be designed with heaters for extreme cold. Equipped with slotted pipe, adjustable weirs or API rotary ...

    By Hudson Industries based in Vienna, OHIO (USA). from OWS/ Oil Water Separators Product line

  • Oil Stop - Model VSP-30 - Floating Weir Skimmer

    Model V-30 floating skimmer was designed as a high capacity skimming system for use in a variety of applications, sea states, and viscosities.

  • Dragonfly - Model 4KPPB - Polypropylene Floating Oil Skimmer

    4K litre / 1K US Gall per hour polypropylene oil skimmer with concertina head. The 4KPPB floating oil skimmer is made from polypropylene and PVC which are heat and acid resistant. Weight: 5.20 KGS

    By Dragonfly based in Guildford, AUSTRALIA. from Oil Skimmers Product line

  • Smith & Loveless - Clarifier Upgrades

    Your local Smith & Loveless Representative and the Smith & Loveless Retrofit Team can assist you, no matter who the original equipment provider. You can decide to retrofit something as simple as a skimmer arm to an all new skimmer system, clarifier drive, effluent weir, scum baffle for your clarifier. They’ll work with you closely to ...

    By Smith & Loveless Inc. based in Lenexa, KANSAS (USA). from Treatment Systems - Treatment System Retrofits Product line

  • Dragonfly - Model 4K316SSB - Stainless Steel Floating Oil Skimmer

    The 4K316SSB is a floating oil skimmer designed to remove oil or other contaminants from water. Its average capacity is 4000L or 1000G per hour. Well suited to both large and confined environments, it is lightweight enough to be part of a mobile response kit. Made from 316 marine grade stainless steel it is robust and resistant to a ...

    By Dragonfly based in Guildford, AUSTRALIA. from Oil Skimmers Product line

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