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Penstock Sluice - Model 3 - Water Control Gate

by SISTAG AG     based in Eschenbach, SWITZERLAND

Design: Steel fabricated construction with fully guided gate, 3- or 4-sides tight Width Type: 700 - 4000 mm Actuation: alle type Material: 1.4406 (316L) Range of application: Water & Waste Water Treatment

Pit Sluice - Water Control Gate

by SISTAG AG     based in Eschenbach, SWITZERLAND

Design: Steel fabricated construction with fully guided gate, 4-sides tight.Width: 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 500 mm.Actuation: Socket (4).Material: 1.4404 / PE-UHMW.Einbau: Round and rectangular ducts.Range of application: Water & Waste Water Treatment

Penstock / Sluice - Model 4 - Water Control Gate

by SISTAG AG     based in Eschenbach, SWITZERLAND

Design: Steel fabricated construction with fully guided gate, 3- or 4-sides tight.Width Type: 200-1500 mm.Actuation: alle type.Material: 1.4406 (316L).Range of application: Water & Waste.Water Treatment

Model Series 642 - Control Gate Valve

by VAT Vacuumvalves AG     based in Haag, SWITZERLAND

For semiconductor, FPD and industrial processes, e. g. sputtering and etching systems.

Armtec - Water Control Gates

by Armtec     based in Guelph, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Armtec is an industry leader in water control gates for wastewater treatment plants, water treatment plants, and irrigation and flood control projects. Thousands of customers globally can attest to the high quality of Armtec’s gate products.

Golden Harvest - Model GH-9000 - Constant Upstream Level Control Gates

by Golden Harvest, Inc.     based in Burlington, WASHINGTON (USA)

The Golden Harvest, Inc. Model GH-9000 Level Control Gate utilizes force-balance control to automatically maintain a constant upstream water level at any given discharge while minimizing head loss. Sizes and materials of construction are available to meet a wide variety of flow control needs ranging from almost zero to 2000 cfs. The gate nearly ...

Drive-over Water Control Gates

by Obermeyer Hydro, Inc.     based in Fort Collins, COLORADO (USA)

Obermeyer drive-over water control gates provide protection against flood damage from water entering through vehicle garage entrances. Obermeyer drive-over water control gates are available with a flush which is sufficiently robust to support highway traffic and is also suitable for pedestrian use. These systems are configured to provide easy ...

Ecogates greenBox - Model One - Control Motorised Gates

by Ecogate Inc.     based in North Hollywood,, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The function of the greenBOX ONE is to control motorised gates. It automatically opens individual motorised gates when a workstation is ON and closes it when turned OFF. A free output contact can be used to start dust extraction.

Sluice Gates /Stoplogs

by ENTA Treatment Systems Engineering Contracting LTD     based in Istanbul, TURKEY

Wall type penstocks are used to control the flows in the tanks at the water and wastewater treatment plant and to provide the isolation. At all designs of ENTA especially the impermeability is provided by the use of the P,V and double-lipped seals besides the four side of the penstocks and for 1 m seal length (at the pressure of 5 m on seat or 4 m ...

Telescopic Valves

by FRIULANA COSTRUZIONI s.r.l.     based in Vigonovo Di Fontanafredda, ITALY

The telescopic valve has the function of regulating and/or blocking the extraction of the liquid in a basin, thanks to the cursor height adjustment, which is controlled manually (by handwheel) and/or automatically (by actuator). The hydraulic seal is ensured by an O ring, having a section suitable for the cursor diameter.

Grande - Model ACU-GATE - Flushing Gate System

by Grande Water Management Systems     based in Laval, QUEBEC (CANADA)

The ACU-GATE Flushing Gate System is a sediment flushing device designed to remove settled debris from storm water detention tanks, combined sewer overflow (CSO) retention tanks, sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) equalization tanks and reservoir floors, as well as sewer inverts, using a single flush. It has been used in CSO, SSO applications and can ...

Adjustable Weirs

by ENTA Treatment Systems Engineering Contracting LTD     based in Istanbul, TURKEY

Adjustable weirs are mostly utilized for level control. The main feature that sets them apart from sluice gates is that they allow partial opening control. Furthermore, they may be opened downwards or in angles, as the main purpose is controlling the water level, as opposed to sluices gates that usually open upwards.

Hydreo - Gates

by HYDREO Engineering     based in Remiremont Cedex, FRANCE

Hydreo Engineering designs, manufactures and installs overflow gates for precise level and flow control in waterways, spillways and dams.

ASTIM - Adjustable Over Flow Weirs

by ASTIM A.S.     based in Gebze - Kocaeli, TURKEY

Adjustable over flow weirs are used for wide openings where the vertical travel required is not more than about 500 mm. The gate is hinged at the bottom, and is raised and lowered by means of a centrally mounted spindle which can be operated either manually, or by an actuator. As friction is very low, operating effort for tilting weirs is minimal.

Roller Gates

by Steel-Fab, Inc.     based in Fitchburg, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

Steel-Fab roller gates are typically used where opening sizes are too large to efficiently use slide gates, or for applications where gravity closure is a requirement. The use of a wheeled gate results in significantly lower operating loads, thereby providing an effective means for emergency closure applications.

Langemann Gate

by Aqua Systems 2000 Inc.     based in Lethbridge, ALBERTA (CANADA)

Invented by Peter Langemann, the Langemann Gate was developed through a cooperative effort between St. Mary River Irrigation District, Peter Langemann and Aqua Systems 2000 Inc. (AS2I). The Langemann gate, used in conjunction with one of AS2I’s controllers, provides solutions to a host water of control problems. The patented design has ...

Tractor/Caterpillar Gates

by Steel-Fab, Inc.     based in Fitchburg, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

Steel-Fab designed and manufactured two new tractor/caterpillar gates for installation into the existing gate slots at the Buford Dam on Lake Lanier in Georgia. Each gate featured an integral jet flow gate designed to solve a long standing vibration problem during minimum flow releases.The tractor/caterpillar gates are supported along either side ...


by TEMAK S.A.     based in Acharnes (Menidi) Attikis, GREECE

TEMAK can offer knife/gate valves, for use at waste water networks, or for water with high concentration of suspended solids, pulp or powders. Installation and piping connection is 'wafer' or 'lugged' type. The operation of the valve can be manual or automatic by means of pneumatic or electric actuator.

HydroBend - Weir Gates

by Steinhardt GmbH Wassertechnik     based in Taunusstein, GERMANY

According to ATV A128 [Wastewater Technology Association], rainwater overflow basins and retaining canals are to be furnished with spillway dams. In the event of strong rainfall they divert excess water into the surrounding bodies of water. The upper edge of the spillway dam is the maximum storage level with which the chargeable storage volume is ...

Floating Bulkhead Gates

by Steel-Fab, Inc.     based in Fitchburg, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

Steel-Fab floating bulkheads are typically used for spillway openings where inaccessibility or size, prevent the use of a conventional bulkhead gate. The floating bulkhead consists of individual sections called caissons that are floated into place, pinned together then chambers in the caissons are filled with water as needed to lower the assembled ...

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