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weir plate Equipment

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    ANDRITZ TurboJet - Weir Plates

    ANDRITZ SEPARATION developed a next-generation weir plate - TurboJet - which drastically reduces a centrifuge’s absorbed power up to 30%. The patented TurboJet weir plate guides the liquid discharge from the centrifuge in the opposite direction to the bowl rotation. Adjustable nozzles form a jet similar to a jet engine’s exhaust. This ...

    By ANDRITZ Separation - a division of the Andritz Group based in Graz, AUSTRIA. from Process Lines Product line

  • Weir Plates

    Thin plate weirs are used for liquid flow measurement where high accuracy is required, and are widely used for industrial discharge and final effluent outfall applications. All SIRIS type thin plate weirs are fabricated from Grade 316 stainless steel and machined with a laser. In addition the profile across the crest is as per BS/ISO.

    By SIRIS Limted based in Sunderland, UNITED KINGDOM. from Flow Measurement- Flumes & Weirs Product line

  • Protectolite - Weir Plates, Baffles & Troughs

    Protectolite Inc., manufactures weir plates and scum baffles, specialty baffles plus related accessories molded from fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) composites. The inherent properties of FRP weirs, troughs and baffles make them ideal for use in water and wastewater appli-cations.

    By Protectolite Inc. based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Waste Water & Water Treatment Product line

  • Weir Plates and Scum Baffles

    Warminster Fiberglass manufactures weir plates, scum baffle plates, lap plates, cover plates and scum baffle support brackets of the highest quality. They are made of fiberglass reinforced polyester resin, matched-die molded to produce smooth, resin rich surfaces, free of voids, porosity, exposed glass, cracks and crazes. All edges are sealed in ...

    By Warminster Fiberglass Company based in Southampton, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Overflow Weir

    Size: 1000 x 150 mm up to 3500 x 1000 mm, sealing to 3 sides. For mounting with chemical anchor bolts and concrete.The function of overfall weirs is to adjust great water volumes to a constant level with a small adjusting range. Overfall weirs 3-lateral sealed, the weir is bedded on the bottom of the channel and two side shields which will be ...

    By BÜSCH Technology GmbH based in Nürnberg, GERMANY. from Weirs Product line

  • Rotary Weir

    Size: 1000 x 150 mm up to 3500 x 1000 mm, sealing to 4 sides.For mounting with chemical anchor bolts and concrete

    By BÜSCH Technology GmbH based in Nürnberg, GERMANY. from Weirs Product line

  • Tilting - Model KKS-HDPE - Weir

    KWT weirs are available in various forms and are mainly used in surface and process water systems. The KKS-PE tilting weir provides a very accurate means of controlling water levels upstream, and is a very cost-effective solution for smaller applications. Using a plastic tilting weir is often a cost-effective solution. The side pieces of the weir ...

    By KWT Group/ KWT International based in Biddinghuizen, NETHERLANDS. from Tilting Weir Product line

  • Weirs

    Weirs are the workhorse of any treatment plant.  By definition, they control the overflow rate of water through the hydraulic profile.  JC-Fabrications can provide weirs to meet almost any specification, from V-notch weirs to sharp-crested and flat top weirs, in standard 12' lengths or custom lengths up to 20'.  Our weirs are ...

    By JC-Fabrications, LLC based in Boca Raton, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Golden Harvest - Model GH 60 & GH-66 - Aluminum & Stainless Steel Weir Gates

    Golden Harvest Inc. Weir Gates are designed to control upstream water elevation and can provide a rough estimate of flow using notched gates via the downward- opening design. Weir gates function like slide gates, except that the disc opens downward allowing outflow to weir over the top of the gate.

    By Golden Harvest, Inc. based in Burlington, WASHINGTON (USA). from Weir Gates Product line

  • Regulatory Flow Conformance System

    We can supply an off-the-shelf, fully compliant, regulatory flow measurement system that can be located above or below ground. Just connect the inlet and outlet pipes, power up and switch on.

    By SIRIS Limted based in Sunderland, UNITED KINGDOM. from Flow Measurement- Flumes & Weirs Product line

  • Weir Gates

    Weir gates are used in many water treatment plants to control/maintain the water level on one side of the gate. Weir gates are also referred to as downward opening slide gates as the slide is moved downwards to allow the flow of water over the top of the slide (weir plate).

    By Waterman Industries of Egypt based in Cairo, EGYPT.

  • WACO - Weir Gates

    For control of flow through a port opening and to balance flow through parallel systems, the WACO weir gate is the answer. The weir gate opens by lowering its slide plate, allowing water to cascade over the top edge. By adjusting the height of the slide plate, the water level upstream can be controlled. WACO weir gates feature handwheel or ...

    By WACO Products, Inc. based in Baltimore, MARYLAND (USA). from Environmental Products Product line

  • Weir Manholes

    While the range of flumes offered by Openchanneflow is extensive, there are times when a weir is a better fit for a buried pipe flow application.  Until now the question was how best accurately install a weir in a below grade application.  Openchanneflow has introduced a line of packaged fiberglass Weir Manholes to solve this problem. ...

    By Openchannelflow based in Atlanta, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Manholes Product line

  • Finger Weirs

    FRP weir pans manufactured by Warminster Fiberglass are used in municipal and industrial water and wastewater plants worldwide. They are used in clarifiers, settling tanks and other applications where flow rates cannot be met with peripheral mounted weir plates. Flow rates up to 4½ times the flow of simple peripheral mounted weirs can be ...

    By Warminster Fiberglass Company based in Southampton, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • Weir Tank

    430 Barrel Steel. Open Top. Integrated Walkway

    By Manitex Sabre Inc based in Knox, INDIANA (USA). from Specialty Tanks Product line

  • Weir Penstocks

    The range of weir penstocks we offer is always designed and manufactured bespoke, suitable for specific tasks or requirements. We also have a wide range of pre-designed weir penstock sizes along with our bespoke services which allow us to offer a tailored solution based on each individual client requirement. Each specific type we offer across the ...

    By Aquatic Control Engineering Ltd. based in Rampton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Bespoke Flow Control Product line

  • Weir Gates

    Weir gates are used to control water flow in different applications by opening downward and holding an elevation of water column or metering water flow by allowing flow over the stainless steel or aluminum disc. Weir gates can be self-contained or conventional in construction and surface mount or embedded type. A weir gate is a downward opening ...

    By Coldwell-Wilcox Technologies, LLC based in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA). from Gates Product line

  • Model KD 34 - Adjustable Overflow Weir

    The adjustable overflow weir model KD 34 is designed for controlling the inlet volume in inlet structures and distributor structures. It may also be used in outlet structures and in sand traps to control the water level and in grease traps to remove grease from the surface of the water. The adjustable overflow weir is placed between two side ...

    By Danish Wastewater Equipment A/S based in Vejle, DENMARK. from Regulation Product line

  • Segmental Weir Machine

    Segmental weirs are used anywhere where more precise regulation of the water volume is required due to high back pressure. Due to the stress capacity principle, they can be operated with low torque and thus lower drive power. To be more economically, the frame-bar construction of the segmental weirs are fitted with a projecting baffle plate, with ...

    By HST Systemtechnik based in Meschede, GERMANY. from Steelwork Product line

  • FFI - Weirs & Scum Baffles

    FFI manufactures high quality matched-die-molded weirs and scum baffles per ANSI/AWWA F102-07. While this type of equipment is often seen as a commodity within the water and wastewater industries, there are some low quality products and inefficient designs on the market that can result in significant repair/replacement costs. Our weirs are ...

    By Fiberglass Fabricators, Inc. (FFI) based in Smithfield, RHODE ISLAND (USA). from Municipal Products Product line

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