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  • U[Sonic] Ultrasonic Wind Sensor
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    U[Sonic] Ultrasonic Wind Sensor

    By RainWise Inc.

    The all new ultrasonic sensor for measuring wind direction and wind speed. In lieu of moving parts, four ultrasonic sensors capture even the slightest of breezes, and will remain accurate in the most severe conditions. ...

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  • RainWise Inc.

    RainWise Inc.

    RainWise Inc. manufactures professional weather stations and other meteorological equipment for consumer and industrial applications. We feature ...

  • Vistal Gdynia SA

    Vistal Gdynia SA

    Our area of operation is a manufacturing, assembly, corrosion protection of tanks, structures, bridges, shipbuilding, industry, sport facilities, ...

  • Joseph Cachia & Son Ltd (JCS)

    Joseph Cachia & Son Ltd (JCS)

    JCS offers a complete service to contractors and suppliers, both local and foreign, in tendering for infrastructural projects. It has established ...