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Wind Power (Wind Powered Water) equipment

  • VAWT - 2.2 kW Wind Power Plant Station

    An innovative solution of the 2.2 kW wind power plant of VAWT type with vertical axis of rotation allow for acquiring energy from a renewable source – wind. The solution used is characteristic for high energy recovery and economic profitability. The energy produced may be stored as electrical energy (batteries) or heat energy (heating ...

    By Sigma S.A based in Jastków (k/ Lublina), POLAND. from Energetics- Wind Power Station Product line

  • Premium

    U[Sonic] Ultrasonic Wind Sensor

    The all new ultrasonic sensor for measuring wind direction and wind speed. In lieu of moving parts, four ultrasonic sensors capture even the slightest of breezes, and will remain accurate in the most severe conditions. The durable metal housing can withstand both extreme hot and cold climates as well as salty ocean waters. U[Sonic] has smart ...

    By RainWise Inc. based in Trenton, MAINE (USA). from Lambrecht Weather Stations/ Sensors Product line

  • Enviro - Model 600 Series - RPD Circulator

    The Enviro 600 Series is our most efficient wind powered circulator with a specially designed head and tail system for optimum power performance even under low wind conditions. The circulator floats on the surface of water or wastewater and utilizes 6 radially oriented floats for optimum stability and superior flow velocity. The flotation system ...

    By Dagaz Environmental Inc. based in Saskatoon, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA). from Wind Powered Models Product line

  • SUREnergy - Model SUREOC 38-25 - Wind Turbine

    Farmers, Ranchers, Vineyards, Stores, Small Manufactures or Processors, Schools, Colleges and Universities, Hotels, Rest Areas, Pumping and Water Treatment Facilities, Sports Centers and Golf Courses The 25kW direct drive wind turbine delivers superior annual energy production. This innovation 25kW PMG direct-drive wind turbine also features ...

    By SUREnergy, LLC based in Sandusky, OHIO (USA). from Wind Turbines Product line

  • Communal Solar Street Lighting

    The new low weight communal solar powered street lighting system. Ideal for low lying floodplain areas. Each product is manufactured to match our high standards. LED road lights at an affordable cost. Sizes from 8w through to 40w to match local requirements. suited for up to 80mph wind speeds. Li-iron BMS at top of pole to stop any interaction ...

    By Dragons Breath Solar based in Pembroke Dock, UNITED KINGDOM. from Solar Powered Street Lights Product line

  • Wind Turbines

    Wind is a form of solar energy. Winds are caused by the uneven heating of the atmosphere by the sun, the irregularities of the earth's surface, and rotation of the earth. Wind flow patterns are modified by the earth's terrain, bodies of water, and vegetation. Humans use this wind flow, or motion energy, for many purposes: sailing, flying a kite, ...

    By Energycon Conservation (P) Ltd based in Porbandar, INDIA.

  • Model AW75 - Wind Turbines

    The Company’s first field-proven series (the AW75 turbine) is in operation with pilot customers in Kuwait and the Netherlands. The AW75 turbine can produce up to 7,500 liters of clean water per day. The unique proposition of Dutch Rainmaker is that our products require little to no existing infrastructure, which makes ...

    By Dutch Rainmaker BV based in Badhoevedorp, NETHERLANDS.

  • Model AW55 - Wind Turbines

    The AW75 turbine can produce up to 7,500 liters of clean water per day. The AW55 is based on the technology of the AW75 and an electric or diesel power driven water production unit. It uses the same water making unit and the same heat pump technology as the AW75.

    By Dutch Rainmaker BV based in Badhoevedorp, NETHERLANDS.

  • Air Force - Model 1 - Wind Turbine

    Our 'rugged' Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine range first came to market in Spring 2005. Since then we have supplied over 5000 systems, all over the world.The specially developed Permanent Magnet Generator, straight tailfin with manual stop switch, and our three-blade (1.75 meter) configuration, enable our turbines to create very useful power in low ...

    By FuturEnergy Ltd based in Stratford upon Avon, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model WMS1000 - Wind Turbine

    For nearly 15 years, Eole Water team has been working on the development of the WMS1000 wind turbine. This technology has been designed around three major principles:

    By Eole Water S.A.S. based in Sainte Tulle, FRANCE. from Water Generators Product line

  • Wind Generator System

    The diverse uses of Wind Generators span a range from small home power systems, to water pumping systems, and all the way up to industrial utility-grade wind farms, producing power with no fuel costs or pollution.These wind turbines below, are in use all over the world for battery charging, home power, and water pumping applications, and range ...

    By Chinayard Co.,LTD based in Qingdao, CHINA.

  • Superwind - Model 350 - Small Wind Generator

    The Superwind 350 is a small wind generator for professional use, which even under extreme conditions works autonomously and automaticly. It is often used on sites where there is no grid available. The electric power generated by Superwind charges batteries and can be used directly for 12V- or 24 V-appliances. There are many industrial appliances ...

    By Superwind GmbH based in Brühl, GERMANY.

  • Pumping Wind Mills

    Multi-blade mills are exclusively used for pumping up water, derived from the profitable mechanical energy generated out of the wind aeolic energy. Next it is described the different elements that constitute a resort like this.

    By Aerogeneradores Canarios, S.A.(ACSA) based in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, SPAIN.

  • Wind Energy Systems

    Energy from wind has been harnessed for thousands of years, making wind power one of the oldest forms of renewable energy. Whilst early windmills were used for pumping water or grinding grain, modern wind turbines can be used to generate electricity.

    By Agreenergy Limited based in Cardiff, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • DuoGen - Model 3 - Combined Water and Wind Generator

    The DuoGen 3 is a popular combined system of charging with wind and water. It allows you the opportunity to charge efficiently while under sail by lowering the unit into the water, or allow for use as a wind generator while anchored. The DuoGen is specifically designed for the cruiser who is an avid sailor whose main purpose is water generation ...

    By Eclectic Energy Limited based in Ollerton, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model WW75 - Water to Water Wind Turbines

    The Dutch Rainmaker concept is based on a modified “standard-type” windmill in which no electricity but heat is produced, through the use of a heat pump. This heat is used in a “flash evaporation” process. In this way different water sources such as sea water or polluted surface water can be purified. A relatively small ...

    By Dutch Rainmaker BV based in Badhoevedorp, NETHERLANDS.

  • EN-Drive - Model 2000 - Small Wind Turbine

    The EN-Drive 2000 small-wind turbines are highly efficient and compact. The turbines produce enviromentally friendls electricity or can directly drive specific devices.

    By PSW-Energiesysteme GmbH based in Celle, GERMANY.

  • WAIV – Wind Aided Intensified Evaporation

    WAIV – Wind Aided Intensified Evaporation: A state-of-the-art enhanced evaporation technology for treating brine, particularly reverse osmosis rejected waste. The device is operated by the wetting of evaporation surfaces, mounted on suitably constructed modules. A pump brings the water from small holding pond or storage tank to a distribution ...

    By Lesico CleanTech based in Holon, ISRAEL.

  • Individual Power Unit (IPU)

    The IPU (Individual Power Unit) provides energy in places where no provider and/or power grid is available.  The product fully addresses the need for storing green electricity. Today, the solar and wind energy produced goes directly into the power grid; however, by storing it in capacitors, these can provide green energy for utilization at a ...

    By Hadda International Group (HIG) based in Oostende, BELGIUM. from Energy Product line

  • Air to Water Wind Turbines System

    The Rainmaker concept is a system whereby a stand-alone wind turbine is placed in rain lacking regions. This system is especially suited for such environments without proper infrastructure and access to water sources.

    By Dutch Rainmaker BV based in Badhoevedorp, NETHERLANDS.

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