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Zero-Discharge equipment for Water and Wastewater

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    H2O - Model Vacudest 30 - Zero Liquid Discharge System

    Retractable bottom pan. Noise hood ventilator. Vacutouch control unit (5,7“). High qualitiy pump: Nickel resist housing. Material grade 1.

    By H2O GmbH based in Steinen, GERMANY.

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    Application Center for Zero Liquid Discharge Production

    We develop viable and sustainable solutions to enable you to create a zero liquid discharge production, thus future generations can live in a clean and healthy environment.

    By H2O GmbH based in Steinen, GERMANY. from Application Center for Zero Liquid Discharge Production Product line

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    Clearcat System

    Visual comparison of the distillate produced by a conventional evaporator with the distillate produced by a VACUDEST evaporator equipped with Clearcat technology shows, that the future proof Clearcat technology sets benchmarks regarding quality of the treated industrial wastewater.

    By H2O GmbH based in Steinen, GERMANY. from Clearcat System Product line

  • Pural - Model F - Formulation Removal Chemical

    To be used wherever it is necessary to remove or reduce FLUORIDES. This chemical formulation removes up to 99% of the Free and complex Fluorides.

    By MST Chemicals based in al Lambro, ITALY.

  • Aquatech HEVAP - High Efficiency Evaporation Process

    Aquatech’s Experience Leads to Increasing Reliability in Zero Liquid Discharge Systems (ZLD). Reliability is key for ZLD operations. Aquatech’s deep experience in designing ZLD plants has led to the development of our patented HEVAP™ technology, which allows evaporators to be more efficient, with less downtime and longer runs in ...

    By Aquatech International Corporation based in Canonsburg, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from High Efficiency Evaporation Process Product line

  • Vernier - Charge Sensor

    Unlike a traditional electroscope, the Charge Sensor can make quantitative measurements. Numerical measurements improve many electrostatics experiments, such as charging by induction, charging by friction, and charging by contact. The sensor can also be used to measure charge polarity. An extremely high-impedance voltage sensor with a 0.01μF ...

    By Vernier Software & Technology based in Beaverton, OREGON (USA). from Charge Sensor Product line

  • SolFlo Technology

    SolFlo is a patent pending technology currently under development for the treatment of high Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) wastewaters (on the order of 50,000 to 400,000 mg/L concentration) at ambient temperatures and low pressures. This new technology will address industrial and commercial wastewater Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) requirements.

    By Drake Water Technologies, Inc. based in Helena, MONTANA (USA).

  • Warman - Model QCV - Axial Flow Pump

    The Warman Q-Series Axial Flow Pumps ensure continuous circulation of abrasive and corrosive fluids. The QCV model is bottom flange designed for direct mounting to a reactor vessel. The Warman Q-Series Axial Flow Pumps offer high quality and reliability, high efficiencies and low energy consumption for continuous circulation of ...

    By The Weir Group PLC based in Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM. from Axial Flow Pump Product line

  • Warman - Model QCL - Axial Flow Pumps

    The Warman Q-Series Axial Flow Pumps model QCL model is a horizontal elbow design in fabricated construction with separate pump casing. The pump is designed for continous circulation of fluids. The Warman Q-Series Axial Flow Pumps are a high reliable and energy efficient choice for continuous circulation of abrasive and corrosive ...

    By The Weir Group PLC based in Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM. from Axial Flow Pumps Product line

  • Watermeister - Two Stage Wash Water Recovery System

    The H2O Boy's low cost Two Stage Water Recovery System makes it easy for any mobile washing professional to get into compliance. The simple design of the system is easy to use with any portable recycle unit to give you a true 'closed loop' system with zero discharge to storm drains. The vacuum's powerful two stage motor mounted on top of a heavy ...

    By Watermeister based in Lakeside, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Badger - Model AC-151 - Dispenser Controllers

    Badger's AC-151 admix control unit is designed for a single unit dispensing system or a direct feed type. Operation includes automatic and manual operation with special features such as indication for zero, fill, complete, discharge, and overfill.

    By Badger Meter, Inc. based in Milwaukee, WISCONSIN (USA). from Dispenser Controllers Product line

  • DOW FILMTEC - Model FORTILIFE™ XC80 - Spiral-wound Element

    The DOW FILMTEC™ FORTILIFE™ XC80 Element offers users the ability to achieve reject Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) level > 80,000 ppm within standard reverse osmosis (RO) operating limits, helping lower brine volume and maximize water recovery in the brine concentration step. The element also provides improved cost-efficiency of the ...

    By Dow Water & Process Solutions based in Midland, MICHIGAN (USA).

  • Pural - Model S - Formulation Removal Chemical

    To be used wherever it is necessary to remove or reduce SULPHATES. This chemical formulation removes up to 90% of sulphates.

    By MST Chemicals based in al Lambro, ITALY.

  • Pural - Model RM - Formulation Removal Chemical

    This products aids in the precipitation of metals and acts as a coagulant. Some of the products of this group have a strong biocide action and prevents the floating of sludges.

    By MST Chemicals based in al Lambro, ITALY.

  • Steam Driven Crystallizer Systems

    The crystallization process has long been used in the manufacture of commodity chemicals such as sodium chloride and sodium sulphate. However, unlike commodity production where only one salt precipitates, typical reduction of industrial waste to dryness involves crystallizing multiple salts. This type of mixed salt crystallizer requires ...

    By AquaSwiss AG based in Frauenfeld, SWITZERLAND.

  • Thermosift - Model TS-30™ - Brine treatment and zero liquid discharge (ZLD) systems

    Thermosift’s TS-30 Systems are based on the patented Joule Thompson Effect (JTE) based thermal membrane process for brine treatment and ZLD. The novel TS-30 systems can be operated using low-grade waste heat or solar energy. The highly scalable modular design helps our customers with easy installation, operation and maintenance. Contact us: ...


  • Recycling / Zero Discharge - Wastewater recyling water systems

    Wock-Oliver an original equipment manufacturer of industrial water and wastewater treatment systems, and a supplier of water management services, Wock-Oliver is dedicated to treating, restoring and purifying water the world over. With facilities in 60 countries, and more than 1000 installations, Wock-Oliver is known for their innovative responses ...

    By Wockoliver Limited based in Chandigarh, INDIA.

  • WRT - Field Erected Systems

    The WRT Field Erected Systems are designed for various contaminant removal applications at any flow rate. Typically used for flow rates higher than 250 gallons per minute, a single treatment train can handle flow rates up to 1,750 gallons per minute. Parallel treatment trains then provide the ability to handle virtually any flow rate. WRT has ...

    By Water Remediation Technology based in Arvada, COLORADO (USA). from Field Erected Systems Product line

  • Zero-Liquid-Discharge (ZLD) Crystallizers

    In order to meet stringent zero liquid discharge (ZLD) requirements, environmentally conscience companies are turning to advanced technologies that eliminate wastewater streams and leave behind clean water and solid salt crystals. Combined with other brine concentration technologies such as evaporators, crystallizers concentrate the wastewater to ...

    By General Electric based in Fairfield, CONNECTICUT (USA).

  • Complete ETP with Recycling System

    A.T.E. Envirotech offers a comprehensive range of technologies to address the treatment and recycle needs including zero liquid discharge and to suit the specific requirement of end-user industry.


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