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October 17, 2011

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Series 2000 - Computerized Multi-Component Gas Mixer
By Environics, Inc.
The Environics Series 2000 Computerized Multi-Component Gas Mixer automatically blends and dilutes gases to generate precise gas calibration standards, create gaseous atmospheres or produce gas mixes for analytical research or production purposes. The Series 2000 dynamically produces complex mixes containing up to eight(8) individual component gases in a balance gas. Each component ...
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VM/VML - Units Delta Screw
By Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH
Single-stage Aerzen Screw Compressor units are excellently suitable for dry and clean compression of air and neutral gases. 
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Airviro - Air Quality Management System
By SMHI International Consulting Services
Airviro is a web based system for Air Quality Management developed by SMHI and Apertum IT AB. Airviro is an integrated system for time series data handling, emission inventories and dispersion modelling. Airviro has been continuously developed since 1990 and has many users all over the world. 
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GasFinder Open Path Monitor
By Boreal Laser
GasFinder is a hand portable, battery-powered open path gas monitor providing one second response and broad dynamic range. GasFinder is permanently calibrated, small and light (less than 5kg). Alignment is easy and stable. GasFinder response does not depend on path length, so a series of paths of different lengths (between 1m and 1000m) can be measured in quick succession. GasFinder is ideal for short duration studies and troubleshooting, including safety monitoring ...
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Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer (RCO)
By Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.
The Anguil Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer (RCO) wipe out air toxins and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are released in industrial process exhausts. The Anguil system achieves VOC destruction through the process of catalytic and thermal oxidation, converting pollutants to carbon dioxide and water vapor, recycling discharged energy to reduce operating costs. 
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By ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd
ERG"s purpose-designed scrubbing systems are engineered to suit each application and client"s requirements. During the microelectronics boom years in the 1990s, ERG installed a variety of plants treating acid off-gases (HF, F2, HCl, Cl2, etc) with the capability to handle the sticky silanes formed from chlorosilane hydrolysis. 
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BMAir - MAO-10 - Filter Pressurizer System
By Trans Elektro B.V.
The MAO-10 is one of the most used BMAir units during the last 15 years. Because of the continued modernisation the unit has been perfected. Reliability and lots of hours spent at heavy sanitations has given us the right to say it is a trustworthy system. The unit can be widely used and which makes it a good investment. 
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Woody-Vac - Dust Containment
By Wm. W. Meyer & Sons, Inc.
An Engineered Vacuum Solution: Meyer’s WOODY-VAC dust collection system integrates a positive displacement blower with a high efficiency cyclone separator and a high capacity cartridge filter to provide reliable dust collection from the beginning to the end of the largest jobs, even when operating with multiple lengths of vacuum hose. 
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Hydrosil - XB-17-P - For Air Filtration
By Hydrosil International
Hydrosil XB-17-P is a 50/50 blend by volume of HS-600 and HS-AC-P.  Various Pollutant systems require both HS-600 and impregnated activated carbon for effective removal.  XB-17-P precludes separate beds of both carbon and HS-600 to remove these pollutants. 
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Silicon Carbide
By Notox Ceramic Filters A/S
Silicon Carbide has many advantageous material properties making it a prime choice for a WFF for the Notox diesel particulate filter applications: Outstanding durability, extreme thermal resilience, highest chemical stability, maximum material strength, superior thermal conductivity, high porosity, extraordinary filtration efficiency, advanced operating temperatures, improved soot load capacity, minimal back-pressure, excellent fuel economy. 
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