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July 18, 2011

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Straw/Miscanthus Biomass Boilers
By Biomass Briquette Systems, LLC
A straw/miscanthus biomass plant consists of the LIN-KA straw/miscanthus shredder with shredder drums which pull the straw/miscanthus upwards, preventing stones and other foreign objects are passed back into the shredder drums, from where they can be removed. The straw/miscanthus shredder is available in a range of sizes depending on boiler size. 
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Biodiesel System Components
By MEGTEC Systems
MEGTEC can provide design and supply of individual compoents as well as complete skid-mounted systems based on customer requirements: project management; process design (flow diagrams, equipment specifications, P&IDs); mechanical designs (detailed piping, structural and component fabrication drawings); instrumentation and controls system design; turnkey installation services; system or component fabrication; system startup, operator and maintenance training. 
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Purolite NRW700 Nuclear Power Plants
By Purolite Corporation
NRW700 is a Type I non-porous gel nuclear grade anion resin used in demineralizer systems for polishing water within nuclear power operations. This higher capacity mechanically and chemically stable anion resin has high selectivity and is intended for polishing the highest purity waters. NRW700 can be used as a stand-alone product or as part of nuclear grade mixed bed systems and is typically not regenerated. Purolite nuclear grade resins meet standards specified for ...
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Power Generation
By Ahlstrom Filtration
Ahlstrom offers complete range of advanced filter media to meet the specific needs of different operational environments in the Power Generation market. We offer a range of medial from 100% synthetic to 100% cellulose - suitable for all stages of air intake filtration. Ahlstrom is a single source provider for filter media solutions for gas turbine air intake.
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HOFGAS� - CFM4c - Mine Gas Flare
By Hofstetter Umwelttechnik AG
The HOFGAS® - CFM4c high temperature flare provides safe and environmentally-friendly combustion of coal mine gas. The exhaust gas emissions meet the stringent requirements with destruction efficiency > 99.95% in relation to methane gas. This is achieved with combustion temperatures between 1’000 - 1’200°C and a defined residence time of > 0.3s. Depend on technology in underground coal mining methane gas with specific concentration range has ...
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Digester Covers
By WesTech Engineering, Inc.
WesTech provides innovative designs for custom digester covers using the latest structural standards while integrating ease of erection and economical value. WesTech offers three major structural designs: Steel Truss, Radial Beam, and DuoSphere�. Our Steel Truss and Radial Beam structures can be configured to fixed or buoyant configurations. Our DuoSphere membrane digester cover is the most versatile cover available. The tank mount design provides an innovative and ...
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Heat Recovery Systems
By MEGTEC Systems
MEGTEC has the experience required in air handling, drying, heating, cooling, process control, and combustion to improve the operating efficiency of your facility and maximize the performance of your equipment.

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Treatment Plant For Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF)
By Sutco RecyclingTechnik
Susbstitute fuel or secondary fuel is fuel which normally consists of waste with a high calorific value. The waste used for the production of substitute fuel may come from households, industry or trade. 
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Biogas To Compressed Natural Gas
By AirScience Technologies Inc.
Converting biogas to transportation fuel as compressed natural gas (CNG) is happening today. It is generating far more revenue per cubic meter of biogas than steam or electricity generation. It is the ultimate in the valorization of biogas. 
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Biofuels World Market and Projects Report
By The McIlvaine Company
This report provides detailed information on ethanol and biodiesel projects in the United States. A monthly update brings you all the latest information on this dynamic market worldwide. Biofuels People provides the contacts.
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