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January 23, 2012

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Technical Support For Trap & Treat Remediation Products
By Remediation Products Incorporated (RPI)
RPI and its Authorized Installers offer free technical support for all Trap & Treat in situ remediation products.
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Resistivity Imaging Seminar
By Advanced Geosciences, Inc.
AGI invites you to attend a three-day seminar focusing on Electrical Resistivity Imaging with the Sting/Swift system. The AGI Resistivity Imaging Seminar is designed for those professionals who are involved in, beginning to consider, or have oversight/review responsibilities of others currently conducting DC Resistivity or IP imaging surveys. This seminar is a “hands-on” seminar covering DC Resistivity and IP imaging topics such as: theory; data acquisition; ...
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Environmental Remediation Services
By McMillan-McGee
Mc2 offers remediation services for the following types of thermal treatment: ET-DSP for soil and groundwater treatment. Steam Enhanced Extraction/Remediation (SEE/SER). SER-ISTD Combination. Thermally Enhanced Soil Vapor Extraction (TESVE). Thermally Enhanced Free Product recovery (TEFPR). Thermally-Catalyzed Persulfate Oxidation. In-Situ Thermochemical Stabilization.
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EOS 598B42 - Emulsified Oil Substrate (EOS) with added vitamins and mineralss
By EOS Remediation, LLC
EOS 598B42 combines a high concentration of soybean oil with lactic acid and B-12 for a jumpstart for your bioremediation project. Small droplet sizes engineering to transport readily in the subsurface made EOS 598B42 our flagship product. This formulation was validated by the US DoD and was the product of choice for the DoD's protocol manuals on the use of emulsified oils.
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TRS Electrical Resistance Heating
By TRS Group, Inc. (TRS)
TRS is the leader in the in situ thermal remediation marketplace. Property owners nationwide select the TRS ERH process for quick and reliable results.
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By Tensar International
Tensar AR-G composite is suitable for increasing the fatigue life of pavements with weak foundations, reducing rutting and controlling reflective cracking.
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Bio-Trap - In Situ Microcosm Studies to Evaluate Bioremediation
By Microbial Insights, Inc.
Site managers have frequently turned to laboratory microcosms or small pilot studies to evaluate bioremediation. However, duplication of in situ conditions in the laboratory is difficult and the results often do not correlate to the field. Pilot studies are performed in the field but are often prohibitively expensive as an investigative tool. Bio-Trap® In Situ Microcosm studies provide microbial, chemical, and geochemical evidence to cost-effectively evaluate biodegradation ...
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B12 Yeast
By Remediation and Natural Attenuation Services, Inc.
Vitamin B12 and yeast extract have been used at many bioremediation sites to stimulate microbial activity with micronutrients, vitamins and other cofactors that are not commonly found in simple substrates such as emulsified vegetable oil (EVO). Simple substrate addition at most sites will result in good microbial activity. At sites where micronutrients and vitamins are beneficial the amount needed relative to the substrate may vary. To keep production costs low and ...
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EQuIS - EQuIS for ArcGIS
By EarthSoft, Inc
EQuIS for ArcGIS supports ArcGIS Version 10.
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Groundwater Recovery And Treatment Systems
By Griffin Dewatering
GRS can design and install complete recovery systems, including deep wells, eductors, or wellpoints for recovery of contaminated groundwater or free product. The systems can be combined with permanent or mobile on-site treatment systems or equipment, such as air strippers, activated carbon and greensand filtration. GRS can provide long term operation and complete maintenance of the systems.
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Regenesis Remediation Services (RRS)
RRS is the application services division of Regenesis and is dedicated to serving environmental engineering firms in the successful implementation of in situ remediation programs involving advanced technologies. The environmental professionals at Regenesis have designed, supported, reviewed and overseen thousands of in situ remediation projects throughout the world. The staff of RRS offers unmatched insight and technical expertise in the completion of successful contaminated ...
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