Breathing Air Articles

  • Compressed breathing air safety - how important is it?

    At first glance the physiological demands of the firefighter, the scuba diver and the hospital patient have little in common. One is trained to deal with fire and rescue, one swims underwater and one is concerned with either regaining or improving their health. Yet all three depend to some extent on a safe source of compressed breathing air, which is where our gas detection systems come in. ...

    By Analox Sensor Technology

  • MA Services to visit Marine Expo

    MA Services, one our key distributors for scuba diving gas ...

    By Analox Sensor Technology

  • Holiday Health and Safety on the Move

    Travel tips to protect your well-being International travel and holidays are something we typically take for granted in this day and age, being a largely affordable luxury allowing us to experience new places and cultures. However, this freedom comes at a cost with long distance travel presenting potential health and safety issues which range from minor to life threatening. Common ...

    By SHEilds Ltd

  • Elimination half‐life as a metric for the bioaccumulation potential of chemicals in aquatic and terrestrial food chains

    The assessment of chemicals as bioaccumulative in the regulatory process makes use of the bioconcentration factor as a metric. However, this metric does not account for the dietary uptake route and therefore cannot be applied to terrestrial food chains. In recent years, the biomagnification factor (BMF) and the trophic magnification factor (TMF) have been suggested as standard metrics for ...

    By John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

  • Mask-On Hypoxia Training for Tactical Jet Aviators: Evaluation of an Alternate Instructional Paradigm

    ARTINO JR AR, FOLGA RV, SWAN BD. Mask-on hypoxia training for tactical jet aviators: evaluation of an alternate instructional paradigm. Aviat Space Environ Med 2006; 77:857– 63.Introduction: Hypoxia familiarization instruction has been an integral part of military aviation training for more than 60 yr. Traditionally, aircrew learn hypoxia recognition while being exposed to hypobaric conditions in ...

    By Environics, Inc.

  • Designing Cities for People

    As I was being driven through Tel Aviv from my hotel to a conference center a few years ago, I could not help but note the overwhelming presence of cars and parking lots. Tel Aviv, expanding from a small settlement a half-century ago to a city of some 3 million today, evolved during the automobile era. It occurred to me that the ratio of parks to parking lots may be the best single indicator of ...

    By Earth Policy Institute

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