Bioconservacion SA

Air filtration and gas purification solutions for industrial sector - Manufacturing, Other

Within the industrial sector there are specific installations which should pay maximum attention to the protection of their control rooms against corrosion. This is because their activities generate highly corrosive gasses which need to be eliminated in case they affect the functioning of critical electrical equipment. This corrosion compromises the efficiency and safety and can affect the production process itself.

Industrial activities most susceptible to these sorts of problems and in which the solutions supplied by Bioconservacion provide the greatest benefits are:

  • Petrochemical installations and refineries
  • Pulp and paper manufacturing
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical
  • Gas treatment plants

Having acquired significant experience in air filtration and gas absorption, our mission is to provide clean and safe solutions that meet the expectations for higher air quality in order to obtain specific benefits:

  • Avoiding corrosion damage
  • Extending the useful life span of sensitive electronic equipment
  • Avoiding costly stoppages and maintenance operations.
  • Reducing unpleasant odours
  • Maintaining the levels of contaminating gases within environmental standards
  • Protecting people

Bioconservacion’s philosophy is to always offer optimal solutions, utilising innovative techniques to address different problem areas. To accomplish this we use an action protocol which we adapt to the specific needs of each customer and for each causal factor, ensuring that our clients benefit before, during and after the installation of the filtration system. Here’s what we deliver:

  • Air quality analysis and identification of problems that need resolving
  • Study and recommendation of the best solution for each case
  • Initiation of testing to simulate the real conditions of the application
  • Personalised estimate of the medium’s life expectancy
  • Continuous evaluation and follow-up service in our laboratories
  • Design and sizing of the filtration equipment
  • Reliable logistics and post-sale service.
  • Assessment of the treatment provided by the mediums used