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Analysis of aqueous solutions - Monitoring and Testing - Water Monitoring and Testing

IR-Spectroscopy is not limited to gases, solid materials and pure liquids but also facilitates the measurement of solutes in aqueous media. Though, due to the strong and temperature dependent absorption of water, the usage of conventional IR-transmission and ATR accessories is not very suitable for the analysis in water. The CONFOCHECK is a dedicated FT-IR system for the fast, easy and sensitive analysis of aqueous samples. Using this system, preparing, measuring and evaluating any aqueous sample takes typically about 1 minute.

On the basis of an IR spectrum, the sample can be identified and its components can be quantified. By comparing the sample spectrum with the spectra of a reference library, the sample in question can be identified unambiguously. Moreover, sample compositions that deviate from the reference or sample contaminations can be detected and evaluated.