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Applications for Industrial Water - Water and Wastewater

Treatments in industrial applications cover a wide range of solutions from water treatment, process water, and wastewater to such as chemical recovery, juice disinfection, etc. Over the years, Enaqua has supplied sustainable solutions in all of the above mentioned areas. We have worked for industries such as mining, textile, food & beverage and aquaculture, and we look forward to apply our expertise to solve your needs.

  • More stringent wastewater discharge limits and costs are increasing the demand for proper industrial wastewater treatment.
  • Industrial water treatment is required where the available water source does not match the water quality requirements, addressing problems such as high particle content, scaling, corrosion, and microbiological activities.
  • Depending on whether the water comes in contact with the manufactured product, is part of the manufactured product, or used for transportation purposes, a proper water quality is essential for cost saving and risk reduction. E.g. if poorly treated water interacts with the surfaces of pipes and vessels it will eventually lead to scale up and corrosion.
  • When treated to a high standard of quality, industrial wastewater can be reused for indirect portable applications such as irrigation etc.