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Biologigal processes for water & wastewater treatment industry - Water and Wastewater

Cost Effective Biofilm Processes With Low Energy Consumption. Whether it’s a new build, a refurbishment or a replacement sewerage plant project, low energy consumption and cost effectiveness are key factors when selecting biological wastewater treatment equipment.

Typical trickling filter installation – including 2H BIOdek® cross and vertical flow fills for roughing and fine cleaning

ENEXIO offers a quality range of wastewater treatment equipment, such as 2H BIOdek® cross flow media filters, which are more efficient than traditional methods. They excel compared to filters with mineral media (rock/stone beds) or plant requiring expensive random media. The overall available surface area of 2H BIOdek® can be larger and they are designed specifically to maximize processing efficiency.

The structured cross flow and vertical flow media design of the 2H BIOdek® range means biological wastewater treatment is simple to operate and requires low levels of energy, supervision and capital expense.

The 2H BIOdek®plastic media offers efficient and effective biological treatment of effluent in municipal and industrial wastewater applications.

For trickling filter or submerged aerated filter installations 2H BIOdek’s open, uniform structure and high effective surface area supports greater organic and hydraulic loading rates than random media.

This makes 2H BIOdek® ideal as a solution for:

  • New Builds – filter footprint kept to a minimum
  • Upgrades – replace mineral or random media to improve efficiency in existing installations
  • Industrial Applications – meet tighter discharge consents or treat higher effluent flows and loads

2H BIOdek® fill media can be supplied for carbonaceous treatment to reduce BOD, for nitrification to very low ammonia concentrations and for denitrification. For particularly high loads where heavy biomass growth is expected, 2H BIOdek® is available as a vertical flow rather than cross flow media to expel the excess sludge.

2H BIOdek® is manufactured from sheets that can be varied in thickness. Together with reinforced or double folded edges, this gives the self-supporting media high bearing capacities. 2H BIOdek® can be packed from depths of 1.8m up to 7.2m depending on the application.

Whilst supplied in a range of standard block sizes, the media can be cut, offering flexibility in the filter shape and dimensions for bespoke solutions. 2H BIOdek® is available in both polypropylene (PP) and polyvinylchloride (PVC) materials.

The unique welding technology developed for the assembly of 2H BIOdek®, particularly for the PP product, allows on site assembly for large projects and can provide significant health and safety benefits compared to the gluing technique required for the PVC product.

Efficient settling of solids as pretreatment process is often needed in waste water treatment. This can be done most economically by parallel plate sedimentation.