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Chromatography laboratory instrumentation for chemical industry - Chemical & Pharmaceuticals - Fine Chemicals

Effective, safe and sustainable processes play a key role in the chemical industry. To meet these needs, BUCHI offers a variety of reliable and modern solutions for R&D, scale-up, production and quality control.

Evaporation & Concentration (Chemical)

Solvent evaporation and sample concentration are pivotal in synthesis, work-up, analytical sample preparation and solvent recycling and pilot scale production. Our highly automated evaporation/concentration solutions cover the complete sample range and allow simple up-scale from lab to production scale.


Dryers are almost synonymous with evaporators, but both differ in terms of operation. Evaporators are distinctive from dryers as the final concentrate discharged from an evaporator is always in a liquid state. On the other hand, the output discharged from a dryer is in a solid state. Whether you operate in R&D or quality control, based on our experience and knowledge we offer tailor-made solutions to cover a wide range of distinct needs and achieve highest convenience.

Formulation / Powder Conditioning

Particles, beads or capsules for your catalysts, fuel cells, batteries, accumulators, ceramics or pigments and coatings can easily be done with the equipment from BUCHI. If you want to simply dry a sample or protect your target materials with further controlled or target release, we have the solution that covers all your needs.

Purification (Chemical)

“Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients” (APIs) are generated by organic synthesis, biochemical process or extraction. The end result must always be further concentrated and purified. BUCHI chromatography solutions allow the purification of compounds from a few milligrams up to several hundred grams. Our solutions cover the complete sample range and allow simple up-scale from lab to production scale.

Near Infrared Spectroscopy

NIR spectroscopy is currently the fastest growing and the most versatile analytical method not only in the pharmaceutical sciences but also in the chemical industry. Usually it is employed for simultaneous determination of different qualitative and quantitative sample parameters e.g. moisture, fat, protein by applying light in the near infrared range. Calibrated and validated measurement methods are offered as our offline, at-line and online instrumentation that provide robust and reliable data collection. Customize your NIR device according to your applications or choose whether you will use it in the laboratory or for online analysis.

Incoming inspection & QC (Chemical)

Inspection of the incoming goods and final quality control are prerequisites for ensuring desired quality of your products. Several technologies can be used to achieve these goals:

  • Convenient use of multi-bundle fiber NIR optic probes offer reliable and precise direct qualitative analysis.
  • Kjeldahl is the method of choice for nitrogen and protein determination
  • The very accurate determination of melting or boiling point is a fast way to check the purity level.

With our systems, we provide you rapid and reliable material identity verification of a broad range of solids and liquids material at the point of need. Priority manners are focused on minimizing unwanted effects in the manufacturing process and avoiding defects in the final products.