International Surface Technologies

Custom Built Solvent Recycling Solutions for Special Industrial Projects - Manufacturing, Other

We make a large variety of recyclers for solvents and cleaners, as well as custom, automated surface-treatment systems. We are specialists – from continuous-operation machine design to integration of components.

IST Pure can respond to your needs in terms of robotized and automated applications.

We design continuous production equipment, rotary head machinery, automated surface treatment systems, as well as custom, entirely automated equipment for your particular applications.

We use new technologies to bring your projects from the idea phase to reality:

  • Custom design and manufacturing of solvent and washer recyclers;
  • Design and implementation of mechanical, electric and automated recycling and washing systems;
  • Expertise in mechanical engineering and industrial automation;
  • Inspection, repairs and certification of systems and equipment;
  • Emergency repair service 24-7
  • Surface treatment training seminars

Our achievements include a good number of automated recycling and washing systems, manufacturing and continuous operation equipment, rotary head machinery and custom, completely automated equipment. We are proud that some of these machines have contributed to remarkable gains in productivity of 100% to 700%, as well as unparalleled quality control. Here are only a few examples of automated process applications that can be used with the equipment designed and manufactured at IST Pure.