Euromesh BV

Demister manufacturer - Oil, Gas & Refineries

Global supplier and manufacturer of Separation Technologies, Process equipment, Mass Transfer and Filtration systems.



EUROMESH® product range includes mainly, but not limited to, the following equipment: -



- Horizontal- and vertical Separators

-  Inline Separators

-  Mist eliminators, for Gas/Liquid separation

ü Mesh demister

ü Vane type demister

ü Chevron demister

ü Cyclone demister

ü Defoaming device

- Plate packs and Mesh Coalescers, for Liquid/Liquid separation

-  Vane type- and Mesh Agglomerators (preconditioner)

- Inlet Distributors

ü Vane type Inlet Device

ü Optimized ZPE Vane type Inlet device

ü Inlet cyclones

ü EPV Inlet Device (rainmaker)

ü Low Shear device


Process Equipment;

-  Calming- and Distribution Baffles

-  Straightening Baffles

-  Weir plates

-  Diffusors

-  Sand jetting system

- Mesh screens  


Mass Transfer;

- Column trays

-  Distributors- and Collectors

-  Feed systems

-  Random- and Structured packing

-  Column- and Tower packing

-  Support- and Hold down grids

-  Bed limiters and Floating screens

-  Quench lances

-  Headers- and Laterals

-  Spray nozzles



- Filter housings

-  Cartridge- and Bag filters

-  Cartridge Coalescers

-  Tube sheets, inclusive Holding kit

-  Air- and Grease filters

-  Basket strainers

- Inline filters

-  Sieve screens


Special products; 

- Silencers

- Soot collectors

-  Spark- and Flame arrestors

-  Wedge wire products (V-wire)

Shock- and vibration components

-  Knitted mesh, inclusive Multi strand and Co-knit styles

-  Woven- and Weld mesh materials


Specified products can be designed and fabricated in any Stainless steel grade, (Super)Duplex, Special Alloys and/or Plastics. Our wide range of Random packing includes either Metal- Plastic and Ceramic grades.