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Drain, trap & sewer cleaning solutions for restaurant and hotel industry - Travel & Leisure

Restaurants, fast food, hotel and other commercial operations with kitchens can experience clogged drains caused by FOG accumulation. These situations always occur at inconvenient times when the kitchen is in full operation and cause serious disruptions. The costs for emergency interventions are considerable. QM Environmental Services offers a range of MICROCAT products that help solve and prevent these plumbing systems from clogging and keep them free flowing and odour free. Developed through the years, MICROCAT products, whether dry or liquid are capable of safely and effectively loosening and digesting the troublesome substances, which clog drainage and trap systems and cause odours. When used on a regular basis, MICROCAT products can result in savings on operational and maintenance costs.

MICROCAT-DNT-RF: Synergistic blend of preselected, adapted microorganisms for liquefying greases and fats and maintaining plumbing systems free of blockages. In addition MICROCAT-DNT-RF contains specialized heat-tolerant microorganisms and microorganisms for controlling odours associated with FOG accumulations and inadequate grease traps in industrial applications.

MICROCAT-GEL: A liquid microbial and enzymatic formulation for drains and traps, easily dosed using a peristaltic programmable dosing pump.

MICROCAT-BioPOP-GT: Rugged, semi-submersible cylinders that slowly dissolve and release microbes and enzymes that can reduce odour and improve FOG degradation in grease traps and lift stations.

MICROCAT-ECL: A liquid blend of natural enzymes and surfactants for use in cleaning and deodorizing. It is formulated for use in a wide range of applications from food processing to wastewater treatment to enhance cleaning and removal of fats, oils, greases, starches, proteins, etc. and to suppress the odours resulting from such compounds.

MICROCAT-CRCS: Automated cartridge delivery system contains a water based suspension of preselected, adapted micro-organisms used to treat fats, oils, and greases (FOG) in drain lines of food service establishments.