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Intelex provides a diverse range of software applications and systems to meet the unique needs of the healthcare industry on both service and manufacturing sides. Intelex solutions for quality, safety, environmental and business management allow organizations to streamline processes, reduce costs, and improve performance while maintaining safe, environmentally sustainable facilities.

Intelex’s business performance management software solutions provide the tools to ensure your hospital, clinic, lab, facility or manufacturing plant operates as efficiently as possible. Eliminate the common business pains that are associated with maintaining paper records and the limitations of storing data in Excel spreadsheets and Access databases. Intelex’s web-based, user-friendly software solutions efficiently store and manage your data, make it easily accessible and facilitate comprehensive data reporting, analysis, and trending. Key solutions include:

Document Control

Maintain a centralized, audit-ready repository of all documents used across your organization that is easily accessible to all your employees and supports 21 CFR Part 11 regulations. Word documents, policies, SOPs and any other documents critical to your organization can all be uploaded, edited and retrieved with one click.

Training Management

Schedule, track and report on training, competence, licensing, certifications and qualifications for your employees and maintain an accessible, audit-ready record of all training data for every individual employed within your organization.

Audits Management

Develop or import auditing checklists and assign audits to facilities and specific audit teams. Manage all aspects of both internal and external audit programs from planning, to nonconformance identification, to corrective action follow up, ensuring year-round audit preparedness.

Permits, Compliance & Legal Requirments Management

Track critical dates and activities tied to maintaining compliance with regulatory standards, permits and other legal requirements though one centralized database. Automated task emails prompt employees with action items and tracks task completion.

Intelex’s solutions for Quality Management were designed to help healthcare manufacturers produce safe, quality medical products efficiently, cost-effectively and through a process that drives continual improvement. Employ a complete product lifecycle management approach to your operations with Intelex’s software solutions and your organization can rest assured that only the highest quality products will come off your production line. Key solutions include:

Nonconformance & Product Defect Reporting & Tracking

Easily record nonconformances and product defects from your warehouse, production facility, or any location into a centralized repository. Identify and track trends using built-in real-time reports and dashboards.

Corrective & Preventive Action Management

Assign corrective and preventive actions (CAPA) to individuals and track completion progress over time. Nonconformances trigger automated CAPA forms to ensure every issue is addressed, followed up with and corrected.

Supplier Rating & Inspection

Collect and record performance data from each of your suppliers in order to evaluate, measure, inspect and monitor their performance. Easily identify problematic vs. top performing suppliers and mitigate issues to save your business time and money.

Product Holds Management

Manage the storage and distribution of time sensitive product that has been placed on hold in order to reduce loss of product and revenue due to expiration.

Maintaining safe, incident free facilities is made easy with Intelex’s safety management software applications. Ensure the safety of your employees, clients and patients, automate safety procedures and gain real-time, 360-degree visibility into your safety performance with these user-friendly tools. Key solutions include:

Safety Incident & Near Miss Reporting

Record, track and report incidents and near misses in real-time through a user-friendly, fully configurable incident form. Ease-of-use ensures a high adoption rate for all employees ensuring every incident is documented, trends are easily identified and issues are quickly mitigated.

Safety Hazards & Risks Assessment

Capture behavioural observations and facilitate the identification, scoring, ranking and mitigation of existing and potential safety risks and hazards throughout your organization’s facilities.

Root Cause Analysis & Corrective Action Management

Perform accurate root cause analysis through comprehensive reporting and dashboard tools. Automate and assign corrective and preventive actions to employees and track their completion over time.

Intelex’s environmental management software solutions provide a complete set of tools to facilitate the operation of sustainable, green facilities while reducing carbon footprints. They help carry out environmentally safe practices while maintaining accordance with all permit and regulatory requirements such as ISO 14001 and EPA related regulations. Key solutions include:

Sustainability Management

Capture, track, trend and report on sustainability data from across your organization through one centralized software application. Easily identify and address issues in real-time through comprehensive KPI dashboards and comprehensive reporting tools.

Air, Water, Waste & Energy Management

Manage, track and report on usage of air emissions, GHGs and refrigerants, waste streams such as trash and food wastes, recycled material such as plastics, corrugate, metal and paper, water usage for incoming water and waste water and easily manage and track energy usage.

Environmental Aspects & Impacts

Identify, rank and track significant environmental aspects and impacts and establish quantifiable significance scoring thresholds for each aspect/impact combination. Significant aspects are automatically ranked by score and are easily tracked via reports and KPI dashboards.