Dürr Systems, Inc.

Environmental solutions for the printing and packaging industry - Printing

Dürr Megtec has pioneered innovative equipment solutions for the print industry, including extensive experience in delivering digital printing markets where we deliver digital press manufacturers a proven product approach for web handling and drying. Our capabilities span the entire digital press line, enabling complete integration possibilities.

Packaging applications for Dürr Megtec equipment solutions include flexible packaging, folding carton, and an array of specialty coating applications. We can supply material handling equipment such as non-contact turning systems, as well as equipment for drying, curing, cooling, and conditioning. Customized solutions are available where specifications dictate.

Dürr Megtec is also the leader in providing environmental solutions for applications where solvents are used. We provide solvent recovery and distillation systems, regenerative thermal oxidizers and other technologies for pollution abatement. Our experience includes flexible packaging, folding carton, and specialty coating applications.