Filtration systems & solutions for industrial process sector - Manufacturing, Other

The process industry demands filters that can withstand the most extreme and aggressive conditions of temperature, pressure and corrosion, whilst safeguarding operators and systems from particulates and ensuring environmental protection. Each filtration and separation requirement presents its own critical challenges and requires superior reliability, durability and a robust product construction.

Porvair Filtration Group has supplied the process industry for over 25 years, with innovative and performance driven filtration equipment (elements, cartridges and vessels). We provide highly specialised filtration solutions for use throughout the manufacturing process and we have proven filtration solutions for the production of chemicals such as nitric acid, maleic anhydride, caprolactum, hydrogen peroxide, sulphuric acid, phosphoric acid, magnesium nitrate, as well as HDPE and LLDPE. By using the latest in metallic filter media technology, we are able to provide improved performance, and reduced plant operating costs, enabling longer campaigns and greater materials recovery.

We supply metallic and polymeric filter media in both cartridge (pleated) and element (cylindrical) forms, with a variety of end hardware to suit any housing or vessel configuration. The metallic filters utilise sintered metal powder (Sinterflo® P), sintered metal fibre (Sinterflo® F) and woven wire meshes where necessary. Our ability to enhance and modify the filter media, ensures a specific performance criteria can be achieved for individual requirements.

Our manufacturing capabilities include the complete element or cartridge build along with the build of complete tube plates and vessel assemblies on multiple sites in the UK and USA. We have specialist fabrication skills and techniques in all of our manufacturing sites around the world, as well as extensive cleanroom facilities.

Porvair continuously invests in the research of new materials and material forms for filtration and separation applications, including the development of metallic membranes and specialist modifications to provide surface properties that are beneficial to either the separation activity or the longevity of the filtration equipment. Committed to innovation, we boast a centralised and extensive research programme supported by development and testing facilities where environmental, strength, efficiency and characterisation work is performed. We also operate appropriate levels of quality control under our ISO9001 certification, which encompasses the requirements of PD5500, ASME VIII, EN13445 and PED for the pressure vessel build, as well as other industry related standards.