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Filtration systems & solutions for printing industry - Printing

The use of quality inkjet filtration products is essential to reduce print head or fine nozzle blockages, increasing productivity, decreasing maintenance, improving print quality and minimising costs. Enhanced cleanliness, through filtration of aqueous or solvent based fluids and colourants within inkjet machinery, allows higher flow rates and therefore accelerated printing times.

Porvair Filtration Group's Inprinta division, has extensive inkjet industry experience in filtration and separation technology, which allows us to design, develop and manufacture filtration solutions to suit every application. Our filter media is compatible with all commonly used solvents and chemicals, and is designed to provide consistent batch to batch ink quality, long run periods between purge cycles and minimum hold-up volume to reduce wastage and product loss during change out.

Last chance filters (LCF) ensures high performance in both CIJ and larger format digital printing to give optimum print head equipment performance and protection.

Inline filters provides full protection for print heads. Manufactured in plastic and stainless steel and are available with various housings, media, micron sizes and connectors suitable for most applications.

Capsule filters are designed specifically for the inkjet industry, provide increased purification and extended life. Our disposable capsule filters guarantee high efficiency in conjunction with cleanliness and total quality management.

Our manufacturing capabilities include plastic injection moulding and mould tool design, enabling us to offer full over moulding practices using the highest grades of engineering materials. Additionally we offer a full assembly service with a wide range of skills including electronics and testing of complete fluid management systems.

Our media is FDA approved and we apply full quality procedures throughout our manufacturing and testing processes in accordance with our ISO9001 accreditation. We continue invest in the research of new materials and material forms for filtration and separation techniques to meet the future needs of our customers and develop new technologies with the inkjet industry.