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Ground Penetrating Radars (GPR) for Geology and Environment - Environmental

VIY3 GPRs allow to have a topography of subterrain structure down to 15 meters. That the good application for underground water exploration, searching for harmful chemical pollutions and underground cavities finding.

GPR helps to find different solutions in geophysics and ecological assessments:

  • Ground scanning to map underground layers and items
  • Assessment of soil thickness
  • Discovering and mapping of ground waters
  • Underground chemicals spilling and dangerous pipelines leakage mapping
  • Ground contamination areas mapping
  • Underground deep fractures and ruptures locating

In many cases, GPR assessment allows to avoid need in drilling, that saves costs and time for carrying out explorations

The latest VIY3 software gives a possibility to get 3D images of underground items and layers, and make different slices of this image in different planes.