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HDPE Liners for Water Containment Application - Waste and Recycling

HDPE liners are the widely used geomembrane products and the essential lining system for the efficient use of water resources due to their features of lowest permeability, excellent anti-seepage and ultra stress crack capacity. Water containment facilities like storage reservoirs, artificial lake and canals need reliable and durable protection from leakage because seepage is the main factors causing water loss.  For the strongest preservation of the natural water, BPM offers a wide selection of geomembranes such as smooth geomembrane liner, textured geomembrane HDPE liner and composite geomembrane liner which are ideally reliable and durable lining system suited for water containment.

 Our high strength, puncture, tear and UV resistance geomembranes are specially engineered and fabricated to afford the following water containment applications.

  • Storage reservoirs
  • Artificial lakes
  • Golf course ponds
  • Canals
  • Ditches
  • Dams
  • Swimming pools 

BPM is not only manufacturing and wholesaling high quality geomembrane HDPE Liners with competitive factory price, but also providing onsite installation and services. If you have any water containment projects or any questions about our geomembrane products,