CTP Chemisch Thermische Prozesstechnik GmbH / CTP Air Pollution Control GmbH

Humid, corrosive and malodorous waste gases - Air and Climate

Example: Production of bio-ethanol. Similar tasks: Dryers, Fibre board industry.

The production of bio-ethanol - fermentation, distillation, pelleting and drying - generates odorous and humid waste gas. Upstream lamellar demisters reduce both drop formation - causing lower VOC destruction efficiency - and solid matters. The regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) eliminates the organic substances efficiently and in a manner to eliminate odour nuisance for neighbours. Special construction techniques protect the installation from corrosion by the humid waste gas.

Summary: CTP's expertise with different coating systems, and an energy-saving pre-heater, protect the installation from corrosion even when waste gases are humid.