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Industrial solutions for structural health monitoring - Health and Safety - Health and Safety Monitoring and Testing

Real time monitoring of structures is an excellent field of application for wireless sensor networks. ADVANTICSYS has provided solutions for the monitoring of structure in different fields, from bridges, where the vibration has to be controlled both in the construction and operation phase, to cultural heritage buildings with their structural integrity under risk.

Structural Health Magnitudes: Loads, fatigue, vibration, crack evolution
Environment Conditions: Wind and weather conditions, traffic & pollution effects


It is important in large bridges to perform simultaneous measurement of loads and effects of these loads, in order to estimate the loads and their effect, possible fatigue of the structure, and in general, the future evolution of the bridge conditions.

  • Robust certified sensor equipment
  • Deck, cables, pylons and ground embedded sensors
  • Extended autonomy, battery and energy harvesting alternatives


ADVANTICSYS has experience in the application of wireless sensors in cultural heritage structures, such as cathedrals and museums. Embedded WSN solutions are specially suitable since they are easily deployable and non intrusive, which is a vital requirement for valuable heritage locations.

  • Robust certified sensor equipment
  • Extended autonomy, battery and AC powered alternatives
  • Crack monitoring, electrochemical sensors for ambient pollutant assesment


ADVANTICSYS solutions adapt the network topology to the customer’s needs. These range, at low level, from single hop to multihop wireless protocols, and at high level, from local access to the sensor infrastructure to remote access using the internet.

  • Adapted wireless protocols depending on customer requirements
  • Local & remote access to the deployed networks
  • Different gateway & router alternatives

ADVANTICSYS provides customized software solutions for the final user.

  • Data Storage
  • Data analysis & graphic creation
  • Integration of the solution with the customer’s systems