Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc

Industrial Weighing - Filling

When filling Intermediate Bulk Containers, totes, drums, sacks or vehicles; you need very fast, precise, and repeatable results. METTLER TOLEDO’s high-performance weighing terminals with precision scales, weigh modules and high precision cells to provide you unmatchable accuracy.

Terminals are designed to perform the functions you desire, with many having direct connectivity to many standard PLC’s via fieldbus interfaces or simple point-to-point connections and 4-20ma for integrated, stand-alone or hybrid control. Value / functionality are selectable from our process terminals IND131, IND331, IND560 and IND780, or from our general purpose terminals such as the IND690.

METTLER TOLEDO weigh modules and precision measuring cells provide the broadest product offering, combining the best of capacity (200g-400t), low to ultra-high resolution, and industrial protection. Self-contained scales and scale bases provide the maximum weighing performance with rugged construction. These can be combined with Q.i to further optimize your process through patented material transfer control algorithms. Let METTLER TOLEDO fill your needs with solid solutions that match functionality, value and performance.