Raymetrics S.A.

Laser Based Remote Sensing Instruments for Atmospheric Research Industry - Monitoring and Testing - Meteorological Monitoring

Since beginning operations in 2002, Raymetrics core clients has been the atmospheric research community. The company has since maintained close ties with academia over the years in order to continue developing high-innovation products suitable for top quality research.


Our LIDARs comply with EARLINET (European LIDAR Network) requirements. This includes a Wavelength Separation Unit (WSU) specifically designed to perform the +/-45 degree test (for calculating the depolarization constant), specialist tools for conducting the Telecover test (for checking fine alignment), correction tools for daytime measurement and electronics and PMT performance tools.

Detectable Parameters :

  • Backscatter coefficient
  • Water vapour profiles 
  • Atmospheric molecules
  • Ångström exponent (backscatter and extinction-related)
  • Aerosol type determination (dust, maritime, fire smoke, urban haze)
  • Aerosol microphysical properties (volume and surface conc., refractive index)
  • Single scattering albedo (aerosol)
  • Colour ratio
  • Depolarization ratio
  • Extinction coefficient
  • Extinction-to-backscatter ratio
  • Optical depth


Raymetrics LIDARs are designed to be modular, allowing a huge number of available configurations and upgrade options. This design enables our customers to tailor the systems to their specific requirements