H. Barber & Sons, Inc.

LITTER PICKER Applications - Waste and Recycling

The Litter Picker litter collection machine can perform many litter-picking application with ease. By adapting the same patented tine raking technology that made Barber`s SURF RAKE beach cleaners famous, the LP1`s raking conveyor is capable of picking both small and large materials. While it has the power to collect car bumpers, large rocks, full bags of trash, and tire retreads, its rows of offset tines capture cigarette butts and bottle caps with similar ease.

Specifically, this litter collection machine excels at removing litter from grass, pavement, and soil surfaces. By adjusting the front casters to follow the contour of the cleaning surface, the Litter Picker can:

  • Remove plastic cups, bottles, boxes, cartons, wrappers, wood, and other debris/garbage from grass
  • Separate and dispose of thatch (dead grass), leaving healthy grass in place
  • Safely pick up road-side litter like mufflers, tire retreads, bumpers, and litter while the operator remains in the cab of a tractor
  • Pick surface and burried litter from soil

These varied applications make the Litter Picker ideal for grounds maintenance, field clean-up, roadway maintenace, and parking lot cleanup.