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Microbial testing for chemical products industry - Chemical & Pharmaceuticals

On-the-spot measurement for microbial risk management! Microbial growth in industrial chemicals can present a major problem.· If left unchecked, microbial contamination in raw materials and intermediate products can compromise manufacturing process performance and equipment integrity.· These same sources can also impact final product quality, which if not properly maintained can spoil products while sitting on the shelf.· The best solution is early, accurate detection and proactive treatment.

Early detection is now possible in specialty chemicals via LuminUltra's Quench-Gone ATP test kits.· This advanced, 2nd Generation ATP measurement system provides users with the ability to accurately measure total microbial content in nearly any sample matrix in 5 minutes or less.· When it comes to proactive microbial risk management, LuminUltra’s test kits are ideal tools that save time & money and reduce risk!

The standard for measurement of microorganisms in specialty chemicals is culture tests.· These tests have the advantage of measuring specific types of microorganism communities, such as bacteria, yeasts, and molds.· However, the requirement for days of incubation to obtain results makes same-shift problem solving a difficult proposition.

Rather than waiting days to obtain test results using traditional culturing methods, Quench-Gone test kits provide the on-the-spot results that enable same-shift troubleshooting.· In addition, these kits detect all living organisms, not just the relatively small percentage that grow in typical growth media.

Having a real-time measurement system for microbial contamination enables a HACCP-style approach to microbial risk management.· The ideal microbial growth control program for specialty chemicals would incorporate the real-time, complete measurement of total microorganisms provided by LuminUltra’s test kits, with follow-up testing done with specific culture tests to validate control mechanisms.

Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is the central energy carrier for all forms of life and diagnostic kits to measure ATP have been used for decades as an operational guidance tool in hygiene and clean water processes.· These 1st Generation ATP tests were however prone to many interferences and inaccuracies, including suspended solids, dissolved solids, and organic materials.· LuminUltra’s complete line of test kits are the first and only commercial line designed to overcome these shortcomings, enabling you with real-time feedback!

  • LuminUltra’s products provide you with multiple benefits:
  • Real-time feedback ensures quick action against microbial contamination.
  • Final product quality testing immediately off the line and after storage.
  • Assessment of microbial contamination in raw materials.
  • Rapid quality control checks in lines and storage tanks.
  • Adjustable measurement range with high sensitivity.
  • Fully quantitative deposit/biofilm analyses

Traditional methods for measuring microbiological contamination in specialty chemicals require days to provide feedback, which creates a lag in response to microbial threats.· LuminUltra’s test kits apply to all types of samples, including:

  • For filterable products (e.g. polymers, admixtures), choose QGO-M XLPD.
  • For un-filterable products (e.g. paints, slurries, adhesives), choose QG21S.
  • For make-up water, choose QGA
  • For raw solids (e.g. powders, deposits) and surfaces, choose DSA.

For these sample types and more, the real-time feedback and full portability of LuminUltra’s test kits allows operators to identify, address, and validate threats during the same shift!

Spoiled products affect your bottom line.· With early detection, most events of product spoilage can be eliminated.· Saving a single batch from spoilage can often pay for the entire annual cost of testing for one plant!· For a modest investment, Quench-Gone test kits can help you improve product protection initiatives resulting in real savings, reduced risk, and increased customer confidence.