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Microbial testing in food & beverage industry - Food and Beverage

Why wait until tomorrow to know today`s water quality? How clean is your water? Don`t take chances on microbiological contamination! Through fast, portable, and accurate testing, LuminUltra`s Quench-Gone Aqueous (QGA™) test kit instantly measures the total microbiological content of any water sample to detect emerging growth and locate the source of contamination. This takes the guess-work out of managing water treatment and distribution systems used in the food and beverage industry, and aids with disinfection practices and flush cycles. LuminUltra`s QGA test is the ideal tool to help save time & money and reduce risk in food & beverage water management!

  • Agriculture Applications
  • Water Reuse
  • Wash Waters
  • Cleaning Validation
  • Beverage Testing

...and more!

Traditional microorganism measurements in water treatment and management programs focus on the measurement of indicator organisms such as Total Coliforms and E. Coli. These measurements are recognized standards for detection of fecal contamination, which poses a serious health risk. However, there are a limitless number of microbiological threats in potable water networks that can pose health risks and aesthetic quality concerns.

LuminUltra's QGA test kit does not replace these regulated parameters. Rather, it provides the means to guide microorganism control initiatives in water systems to ensure that regulatory targets are met. Because it provides real-time feedback, QGA facilitates same-shift problem solving. This is a tremendous advantage which allows operators to take immediate action to solve microbiological buildups or incursions to save time, optimize costs and reduce risks!

The food processing, packaging, preparation and distribution arena has benefited from the use of ATP-based methods for surface hygiene maintenance for decades. However, these methods were not accurate enough for the quantification of total microorganisms in water however. Conversely, the QGA test kit not only compliments culture tests that monitor for specific threats but also the so-called 1st Generation products used for surface hygiene monitoring!

In addition to testing the various quantities and types of water used in food and beverage manufacturing applications, LuminUltra's products can be used for the purpose of intermediate and final product screening for a variety of beverages, from juices to alcohols. Contact LuminUltra for more information on options for this application.

  • Monitor raw water quality to pace or adjust treatment in real-time.
  • Detect total microorganisms to ensure that no threat goes unnoticed.
  • Quickly audit entire treatment or distribution systems to identify contamination.
  • Ensure reliable system performance by monitoring corrosion, fouling and plugging products with the Deposit & Surface Analysis (DSA™) test kit.
  • Optimize disinfection practices to balance microbiological control with operating costs.
  • Monitor water quality in tanks, reservoirs and other equipment.
  • Manage maintenance programs including line and well flushing, cleaning and line breaks.
  • Address customer complaints on-the-spot with fully portable microbiological testing.

Plate counts are suitable for measuring specific microorganisms and are required for regulatory compliance testing. QGA compliments plate counts by providing a real-time measurement of total microorganism concentrations. When it comes to ensuring that you disinfection program is adequate, QGA is the best tool available! Use QGA to perform on-the-spot surveys of your distribution network and identify high-risk areas. Use this information to correct problems in real-time, and use culture tests to follow-up on maintenance to ensure compliance!

Microbiological threats are best addressed in their early stages of growth. The real-time feedback and full portability of QGA allows operators to identify, address, and validate threats during the same shift! And, at only dollars per test, QGA provides you with an affordable compliment to your existing microbiological measurement programs that helps you save time & money and reduce risks.