Procal - Parker Hannifin Corp

Nitric Acid Production Emissions Analysis - Chemical & Pharmaceuticals

The Procal 2000 emissions analyser measures Oxides of Nitrogen for process control purposes, typically upstream of the N2O abatement reactor where typical pressures can be as high as 10 barg.  The analyser can be supplied in both in situ and extractive configuration to suit customers’ requirements.

Procal 2000 has an integral auto-zero and calibration facility and, in order to meet the requirements of the Nitric Acid process, the system can be supplied with an auto-ranging capability to monitor plant upsets.

The instrument is compliant with international standards and complies with the stringent requirements of Environment Agencies.

Procal 2000 is heated to prevent condensate build-up at low sample temperatures. The heated probe option is especially suited to this application as it efficiently deals with variations in process temperature. It also keeps the probe hot, ensuring immediate availability when the plant is restarted after an outage.

For Hazardous Area locations associated with high Methane levels, Procal 2000 can be supplied with ATEX / IEC approvals including accessories suitable for installation in such areas. For example, steam-heated probes and bypasses ensure that the sample temperature is maintained above the acid dew point.

These in situ analysers are designed to provide high levels of reliability meeting Environmental Agency’s requirements for monitoring Availability.

The Procal 1000 controller has a capability to control up to six analysers  and includes data logging and reporting.