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Safely Eliminate Odors Created By Food Processing: Malodors generated by the food processing industry vary enormously since they can be generated in the production, processing, and wastewater treatment areas of the plant. Regardless of the source, all of these odors may be offensive to the public.

Meat processing and rendering plants have a difficult time controlling malodors because they occur naturally when organic material sits for a while. Some food processing facilities have their own wastewater treatment plant whose lagoons smell due to the high organic load (fats and greases) in the plant influent. Moreover, sludge generated during the water clarification step in the plant may also generate malodors. Even pleasant smelling food odors, such as those within a spice plant, may become offensive when one smells them for long periods of time.

Ecosorb odor elimination products are environmentally sound and approved for use in food processing plants in accordance with odor control guidelines. They can be used in the raw material holding or stock holding areas, waste collection or waste processing areas, the wastewater treatment plant, and in the scrubbers and/or stacks off the cooking areas. Because Ecosorb neutralizers are a broad-spectrum odor solution, they control the full range of food processing plant odors. The versatility of Ecosorb systems offers plant managers an inexpensive alternative that provides effective, cost-efficient odor elimination.

Fish Meal Processing.
Manufacturing dry fish food involves blending barley, soybeans and fish oil – a process that can generate malodor problems. This can be controlled with a feed system using a flue, plenum and multiple nozzles through which Ecosorb neutralizers can be quickly and evenly distributed for odor elimination as needed.

Poultry Processing.
A major odor problem for chicken and other poultry processors can be effectively controlled by using relatively small amounts of Ecosorb products in three separate applications – the wash-down water, direct-injection to the stacks and introduction to the plant scrubbing system.

Poultry Processing (Emergency).
Some poultry plants experience no odor problems during their regular processing cycles but when they shut down, as for a weekend, odors can quickly build to objectionable levels. Ecosorb 606 can be applied by fans at the poultry parts storage doors to solve the problem.

Artificial Flavoring Plant.
Even if an artificial flavoring plant is manufacturing a wide variety of strong flavors, the varying odor control problems can be met by a single system which varies the dilution rate and volume of the Ecosorb products injected to the process stack as needed.

Chocolate Factory.
One might expect a chocolate factory to be a sweet-smelling place but the sterilization process releases volatile gases into water, which creates a foul odor problem. Ecosorb 206 quickly and effectively solves that problem.

Fish Processing Plant.
Many different sites within a fish processing plant can experience acute odor problems. Applying Ecosorb products through an array of hollow-bladed fans can provide pinpoint odor control to solve a wide range of varying odor problems.