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Odor control for refining/petroleum - Oil, Gas & Refineries

You refine the fuel, we’ll remove the odors. Oil refineries and petrochemical plants may generate large volumes of odor from the processing and refining of different fuels. Sulfides, mercaptans, and hydrocarbon compounds are all closely related to the oil industry. The odors generated from these industrial compounds are of a high nuisance value and generally create concern among local air boards and the public. Ecosorb odor removal products may be used in a variety of areas around the refinery including water treatment facilities, sludge ponds, sulfur recovery units, and API separators. To remove odors during tank cleaning and maintenance operations, portable dispersion systems can be used in the immediate work area to control malodors. Ecosorb products can be directly injected into flues and stacks and may be used as a substitute scrubbing solution in some applications.

Typical applications of Ecosorb throughout refining process.

  • Storage tanks
  • Settling ponds
  • Sludge ponds
  • Oil/water separation
  • Wastewater
  • Tank cleaning
  • Process odors

Oil Storage.
Facilities used for storing large volumes of oil face a high risk of oil release during soil remediation. This can be effectively addressed with an Ecosorb feed system using proper dilution rates. Mounting the system on a pallet allows it to be readily moved around the site as needed.

Refining Settling Pond.
High pressure pumping systems can be used to disperse Ecosorb products over settling ponds – a common source of refinery odors. We’ll work with you to find a proper dilution rate that will achieve odor control well within compliance requirements.

Refinery Sludge Ponds.
Air-aspirated nozzles have proven effective in applying Ecosorb products during the dredging of sludge ponds to remove odors from refinery waste.

Ecosorb odor eliminating products are a safe and effective solution for removing odors throughout oil refineries and petrochemical plants.