International Ozone Technologies Group, Inc.

Ozone generator for Apartment odors/ hotels/bed bug infestation - Health and Safety

Many realtor or apartment managers use ozone to successfully remove odors from rental properties. By removing the odors with ozone, you can turn an undesirable property into a clean smelling sterile environment in a matter of days. Running ozone for a 2 day period 6-8 hours per day is a low cost option to create a very desirable living atmosphere. Ozone will remove smoke odors, mold odors, pet odors and also sterilize for microorganisms and bed bugs. Bed bugs are huge issue with apartment due to the close proximity to others. Bed bugs if not treated can quickly spread and infest entire buildings in just a few weeks. If caught in time and shocked with a strong ozone generator all bugs as well as their eggs will be killed and no longer able to spread. By using a strong ozone generator like the Total Zone TZ-2, a 15 hour period of 10 (PPM)parts per million of ozone repeated 2-3 times, you will quickly control the infestation and avoid any serious health issues caused by these pests.