International Ozone Technologies Group, Inc.

Ozone generator for Disaster/fire/flood/bio restoration industry - Manufacturing, Other

Ozone is a very important tool for the disaster restoration industry. An ozone treatment is needed after a disaster because there are usually odors left behind that are signs of smoke damage, water damage and even mold growth. Ozone is a very strong oxidant that when used correctly can effectively remove odors caused by mold, smoke or any decaying organic materials. Ozone will destroy mold at its souce. Ozone is very efficient method for removing odors. An ozone treatment is very simple. Once a property is completely dry and all people and animals are removed, an ozone treatment can be started by closing all windows and doors and turning the ozone generator on. Once the ozone treatment is complete there is a 1-2 hour period before it is safe to reoccupy the property. During this period ozone will revert back to oxygen and once again it will be safe to occupy the structure.