International Ozone Technologies Group, Inc.

Ozone generator for Mold removal - Health and Safety

Ozone is very important in treating a mold infested facility. An ozone shock treatment kills mold, mildew, and funguses while eliminating dangerous airborne mycotoxins. The idea that ozone will kill mold is still up in the air for most people. The question you have to ask someone if they say ozone doesn’t kill mold is “Have you ever tried?” If you are someone that has used ozone to kill mold you know for a fact that it quickly oxidizes and kills any mold that comes in contact with the ozone molecule. Sometimes its hard to get ozone to the mold spore due to the mold growing behind a wall or in a duct system. There are different custom methods like over-pressurization, custom ducting, using powerful air movers to distribute the ozone. If there is a mildew or musty smell, there is a good chance that mold spores are present.

Mold spores can rapidly reproduce by the billions and create severe health issues and damage to buildings as well as the buildings contents. To kill mold, you must close off the treatment area, remove all people and pets, turn the timer of the Total Zone ozone generator to 10 hours and vacate the facility. It can take several times longer to kill mold than your average household odor. After the ozone generator has complete its shock treatment, allow at least 1-2 hours for the ozone to revert back into oxygen before reoccupying the facility.