Ozone generators for industrial application

Disinfection of industrial and chemical freshwater, process water and cooling water. Disinfection, detoxification, decolouration and deoderization of industrial wastewater and improvement of its biodegradability. Oxidation of industrial off gasses. Chemical Oxidation.

Due to advancements in Ozone technology, there are a lot of ways of significantly improving any industrial application and saving a considerable amount of money
At Absolute Ozone, we realize the importance of implementing the new, advanced technology on the market today and how it can positively benefit our clients.
We provide to all our current and potential clients, technical assistance with their ozone application. Our engineers can provide the following services on large scale industrial applications:

  • Conceptual system design
  • Implementation of newest Ozone technology
  • Sizing and selecting the correct industrial Ozone Generator
  • Designing an effective large ozone system for any Ozone application
  • Installation, Operation, and Optimization of the ozone generating system

We regularly come across clients that were convinced to purchase quite a large system for their application (Example - 5kg/h)

After evaluating the clients setup and requirements, we can typically replace a 5kg/h system with a 1kg/h system, by implementing the most up-to-date Ozone technology. Saving you outrageous amounts of money!

Ozone for Soil Remediation

Ozone Treatment has evolved from water treatment to remediation. Recently, ozone has been used to clean up sites containing variety of soil contaminants. The reason for using ozone is to target those compounds that are not biodegradable or the ones which are biodegradable over a long period of time.

Many hydrocarbon compounds will biodegrade if they are dissolved, although these contaminants are not readily biodegraded by microorganisms if they are are on soil particles.

In addition to other reasons in some cases ozone soil remediation method is selected because of the network of water pipes and utility lines through a site makes it impossible to excavate the contaminated soil.

Often, when treated with ozone sites show 99% reduction of contaminants which is pretty incredible.

Ozone for Wastewater Treatment

Exudation of wastewater from an industrial facility may carry a broad and variable range of contaminants, including BOD, COD, color, phenols, cyanides, sanitary waste etc. Ozone exhibits the power of advanced oxidation for TOC reduction, as well as destruction of organics.

Potential industries that can benefit from ozone and include pharmaceuticals, textiles, automotive, foundry, etc.

Reduction in processing costs, as well as reduction or elimination of penalties imposed due to disposal of contaminated water are some of the benefits. Further benefits include use of a clean, environmentally friendly technology that is as effective and economical as less friendly technologies.

Cooling Towers

The use of ozone in cooling tower treatment has received a great deal of attention in recent years. There are a number of factors which give this concept a great deal of appeal to cooling tower users. They include:

  • Minimal on-site chemical inventory
  • Little or no toxicant discharge
  • The potential of water conservation
  • Ozone is produced on-site and requires no storage of dangerous chemicals
  • No chlorinated compounds. Very low corrosion rates in the system.
  • Lower operational costs and in many cases a lower overall costs