Ecogrid Ltd

Permeable Plastic Paving For Artificial Turf

Ecogrid is known across Europe as Ecoraster as this is the direct translation. Ecogrid is known as Ecoraster and Stabiligrid in the USA and Canada. Ecogrid – Ecoraster should not be confused with products such as Netlon, netpave 25, netpave 40, netpave 50, adpave, hebden40, hebden401, hebden 402, geogrid, bodpave, bodpave 85, ecopaving. These products are not approved by nato or the TUV house and they do not have the patented Ecogrid Ecoraster locking mechanism that securely fixes the grids In place permanently.

Artificial turf Installations
The artificial turf industry in the Uk is GROWING! Sorry.....
Our Ecogrid comes delivered to you in 1 metre sections, the grid, the softplay mats and the grade of artificial turf that you require(we have three qualities available). The 1 square metre sections can be easily laid on the ground with a simple click to add extra metres. No need for fancy base preparations, completely free draining, forgiving on the foot, secure locking mechanism.

The attractiveness of no maintenance and high aesthetics, make this medium highly attractive to th UK's discerning householders.

We can provide all that is necessary for the installation of this most excellent surface

  • Base membrane : Typar SF24
  • Ecogrid layer as a load bearing surface up to 350 tonnes(You can park/drive on it)
  • Recycled plastic 'timber' perimeter surround
  • Rubber crumb infill
  • Water proof Jointing tape (100mm and 200mm)
  • Seaming layers