Ecogrid Ltd

Permeable Plastic Paving For Golf - Travel & Leisure

Ecogrid is known across Europe as Ecoraster as this is the direct translation. Ecogrid is known as Ecoraster and Stabiligrid in the USA and Canada. Ecogrid – Ecoraster should not be confused with products such as Netlon, netpave 25, netpave 40, netpave 50, adpave, hebden40, hebden401, hebden 402, geogrid, bodpave, bodpave 85, ecopaving. These products are not approved by nato or the TUV house and they do not have the patented Ecogrid Ecoraster locking mechanism that securely fixes the grids In place permanently.

  • Tee & green
  • Driving range
  • Cart paths
  • Bank and slope
  • Reinforcement

The ground reinforcement system for golf courses

  • Permanent drainage
  • Stable, non-slip, dry surface
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Patented safety interlocking system
  • Multiple TÃœV certification

Professional from first tee to the last hole
Building a golf course with its many different features each having a different function and subject to different conditions of use is far from simple. Then there are factors which cannot be influenced, such as the weather. Poor drainage is one of the most common problems that restrict year-round operation, or indeed render it impossible. Intensive use contributes to undesirable ground compaction, which in turn demands extra maintenance.