SA Eng.

Shredders for Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and Refrigerators - Electronics and Computers

Electric and electronic waste (WEEE), are coming from technology products such as home appliances (washing machines, vacuum cleaners), computers and tools. An economy based on the consumption such as today, provides a continuous increase of WEEE, and determines an increasing risk of dropping out in the environment or in landfills, with the consequences of pollution of soil, air, water and health human repercussions. These products should be handled properly and used for the differential recovery of the materials they are made of, such as copper, iron, steel, aluminum, glass, silver, thus avoiding a waste of resources that can be reused to build new equipment in addition to the environmental sustainability.

The WEEE plant, designed and built by SA Eng. represents an absolute technological record: both for its treatment capacity and because most of the processing steps have been automated and for the high quality of the raw materials that are obtained at the end of the process.

Typically the installation foresees:

  • Waste crusher for WEEE and opening of the material
  • Separation of the fraction having an high commercial value
  • Shredding of WEEE that has remained from the separation
  • Final separation of the commercial fraction (iron, copper, plastic, etc…)

Special attention must be given to Refrigerators

The treatment of Refrigerators requires a specific installation that allow, in addition to the recovering of the metal and plastic parts, also the correct disposal process of gas contained into the refrigerant circuits.

The refrigerators recycling plant proposed by SA Eng. allows, starting from the whole refrigerator, to select and separate each material such as iron, plastic, aluminum, copper, polyurethane and glass, completing the process with the extraction of the gas whose storage in a cryogenic plant, guarantees that no harmful emissions being vented to atmosphere.