Shredders for Plastic Materials - Plastics & Resins

The plastic is the material recoverable and reusable for excellence. It can be reused many times and its recover means environmental safeguard.

Thanks to the SA Eng systems, it is possible to shred plastics and then start treatment systems. Following some examples:

  • Shredding of fruit and vegetable crates
  • Shredding of bottles
  • Shredding of flacons
  • Shredding of car bumpers
  • Shredding of drums

An example of a teatment system with a capacity of 1000 kg/h:

  • Industrial Shredder SA2-1300 fitted with 30mm, 4 hook blades
  • Conveyor belt complete with magnetic separation system
  • Industrial Shredder SA4-1000 fitted with screen of 30 mm holes
  • Discharge conveyor belt
  • Startup of the washing plastic system or plastic extrusion

A mini plastic system can foresee:

  • Single Shaft Shredder SA1 – 1300, fitted with 50mm screen, with capacity of 300/500 kg/h approx.